Why does Governor Murphy hate the Jersey Shore?

We’ve talked several times about the potential negative impact of a $15 minimum wage in New Jersey.  Ignoring all of the research on the negative economic effects in the states that have dramatically increased the minimum wage Murphy signed the $15 minimum wage bill today proclaiming “It is a great day to make some history for New Jersey’s working families.  And that’s just what we’re going to do. We’ve talked long enough about putting New Jersey on a responsible path to $15 an hour minimum wage. Today we start our way on this path”.   Murphy signed the bill at the Elizabeth headquarters of immigrant advocacy group Make The Road New Jersey.  Murphy has made it clear that he is more interested in gaining votes for Democrats than he is New Jersey’s economy, jobs or the law abiding hard working residents of the state.  Additionally Murphy seems to be doing everything he can to kill tourism at the Jersey shore.

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