Why won’t Mehta, Singh or Rivera debate Flanagan?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan has challenged her opponents to a debate.  As of this writing neither Mehta, Singh or Rivera have accepted (I realize Anagnos is also in the race but I don’t believe he’s a serious candidate).  The NJGOP will not offer a platform for the candidates to debate. Is Tricia Flanagan the only U.S. Senate candidate who believes that New Jersey voters deserve a chance to compare candidates issue by issue?  Why will New Jersey’s Republican political bosses not encourage the candidates to debate?

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Guest blog: Who is Rikin Mehta?

Guest blog by John Supino.

Why hasn’t anyone vetted Rikin Mehta for the Senate race?  His speeches and stated positions are completely in opposition to his reality, and NOBODY is asking questions.  Why?  What don’t they want to know? His speeches drone on endlessly about his “three little gentlemen” (good god if I hear that line one more time, I’ll Arkancide myself) and his sister who is a Pediatrician.  Time wasters so he doesn’t have to talk about policy.  His family successes and kids don’t get policy passed. He never delves into any policy position only offers shallow platitudes.

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Setting the record straight. I represent no campaign.

I’d like to make a statement in reference to Saturday’s blog post.  Camden County GOP Executive Director Tom Crone is apparently disturbed by my criticizing the Camden County GOP giving the line to Rik Mehta in the 2020 U.S. Senate race.   Rather than defend “his candidate” (his words) he has resorted to personal attacks as Tom does.   Rather than tell voters why we should join the Camden County GOP in supporting Mehta he has resorted to questioning my motivation and credibility.  Tom got on the radio yesterday and bashed the Informed Conservative Blog – an endeavor that months ago he asked me to let him be a part of.

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Mehta the front runner? Only if Republicans want Cory Booker to hold the seat.

The Camden County Republican Committee announced this week that it had given the line to U.S. Senate candidate Rik Mehta.  Camden County joined  3 of New Jersey’s 21 counties in giving Mehta the line.  In its press release the Camden County GOP called Mehta an “excellent U.S. Senate candidate ” and said he “has a keen grasp of the issues voters care about”.   Let’s not forget the Camden County GOP also endorsed Vincent Squire for Camden County Freeholder in 2018 before later disavowing him.

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