Independent Media

When I started the Positively Pennsauken News Blog earlier this year the idea was to have independent media in Pennsauken.  All Around Pennsauken is informative about township events but is operated by Pennsauken Township and is not independent.  I often see it as a promotional tool for our local elected officials.  Last year there was a Pennsauken based political story I tried to pitch to the news media.  The feedback I received was that a story about Pennsauken politics was simply too small to attract the media’s interest.  I felt our residents deserved a place where they could read factual researched based information about our town.  I think the people agree as this blog is gaining popularity and is approaching 10,000 hits recently.  I pay for the hosting and the domain and do not monetize this blog.  I provide it as a service to my fellow residents. Continue reading “Independent Media”