NJGOP launches petition to save the gig economy.

Press Release from the NJGOP

Trenton, NJ – The fix is in! Governor Murphy and legislative Democrats are fast-tracking a law that will upend the lives of hundreds of thousands of New Jersey businesses and families  The law prevents independent contractors from working for businesses unless the contractor is hired as an official employee of the business.  The move will generate millions in new taxes, proving it’s just another Democratic tax grab at the expense of New Jersey’s hard working families.  (NOTE:  The Informed Conservative published an article on this last week.  Read the article HERE).

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Take action! Tell Governor Murphy you oppose driver licenses for illegal immigrants.

You have to hand it to Governor Murphy.  He’s doing exactly what he told us he’d do.  He told us he’d make New Jersey a sanctuary state.  He told us he’d push for a $15 minimum wage and legalized recreational marijuana.  He even told us he’d raise taxes!  He also said he’d push for driver licenses for illegal undocumented immigrants.  In a record low turn out at the polls New Jersey elected him anyway.  Some may say that New Jerseyans now have to take their medicine.  That we got what we deserved for not showing up to vote.  Others are willing to fight back against Murphy’s agenda they feel is wrong for New Jersey.

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