Informed Conservative week in review 2/4/19 through 2/10/19.

Last week on the Informed Conservative Blog we asked why Governor Murphy hates the Jersey Shore, talked about another law enforcement agency limiting its cooperation with ICE and suggested if you want to see the future of New Jersey take a look at New York.  On the Informed Conservative Podcast we announced the New Jersey Republican Party Statewide Leadership Summit on March 1st and the March on Trenton on March 26th.  We again asked the question why does Murphy hate the Jersey Shore, how the $15 minimum wage will force small businesses to close, force layoffs and force job and businesses to leave the state and asked the question how long will it be before the exodus of families, businesses and jobs from New Jersey cause the same significant drop in tax revenue causing budget deficits in our state?  We continued to talk about Murphy’s agenda that is wrong for New Jersey, Democrats in New Jersey giving Spartacus Booker an unobstructed path to the White House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and wished the best to Jersey Guy Artie Lange who continues to fight his demons.

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Another law enforcement agency is limiting its cooperation with ICE.

Bowing down to pressure from advocacy groups such as the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition and the Pennsylvania ACLU new rules went into effect last week limiting how the Pennsylvania State Police interact with those suspected of being in the U.S. illegally and its cooperation with ICE.  Some states have partnership agreements with ICE.  Pennsylvania does not.

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