We are Pennsauken!

I have to hand it to Democratic Pennsauken Township Committee candidates Marco DiBattista and Jessica Rafeh.  With their campaign slogan “We Are Pennsauken” they are not even trying to hide that they are part of the power broker system in Pennsauken.  The are not hiding that they are the hand picked successors.  They are not hiding that they are part of the small group of people who rule Pennsauken while #TheOther35000 have no voice and no power.  Candidate DiBattista is not trying to hide that he serves as Treasurer and Office Manager at the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority while running for Pennsauken Township Committee (the body that makes appointments to the Pennsauken Sewerage Authority).   They are not trying to hide that they represent the party that has ruled over us for over 30 years.   They proclaim loudly “WE ARE PENNSAUKEN!”  Unfortunately for DiBattista and Rafeh they are wrong.  WE THE RESIDENTS ARE PENNSAUKEN and we are ready to take the power back! Continue reading “We are Pennsauken!”


We live under a power broker system in Pennsauken (and Camden County).  The Democrats in Pennsauken spoon feed power to the same small group of chosen people while the rest of Pennsauken’s residents are expected to obey and have no voice.  Lisa and Sabrina represent a change.  A return of power to the people of Pennsauken.  An end to over 30-years of rule by the same small group.  A voice for the other 35,000 residents. Continue reading “#TheOther35000”