In case you didn’t already know New Jersey’s Democratic leadership is hypocritical.

I have found myself angry many times over the past 13-months since since Governor Murphy took office.  There may not have been a time when I was more angry then this morning when I learned that New Jersey is 1 of 16 states that joined a lawsuit filed Monday against President Trump to block his emergency declaration to build the wall.  New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal who was appointed by Murphy said in a Tweet “The only emergency today is a President who refuses to adhere to the rule of law”.  This of course coming from the AG who released his Immigrant Trust Directive last year making New Jersey a sanctuary state, refusing to cooperate with ICE and defying federal immigration law.  Murphy even budged $2.1 million for the legal defense of illegal immigrants facing detention or deportation (monies to fight the federal government in its efforts to enforce federal law).

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Informed Conservative week in review 1/28/19 through 2/3/19.

This week the Informed Conservative discussed employment numbers in the U.S. remaining strong despite the government shutdown, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf pushing a $15 minimum wage in his state, we launched our first podcast and discussed Democrats in New Jersey giving Cory “Spartacus” Booker’s Presidential campaign an advantage.

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NJ Democrats censure one of their own. It’s about time.

Earlier this year the Camden County GOP disavowed County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire after it was discovered that Squire was not completely honest about his checkered past including his use of an alias and his second degree felony assault charges (for beating his son) which were pending in Superior Court.  Party officials also claimed to be aware of at least one cash contribution Squire accepted that he had not turned in or report to the ELEC.  At the time Republicans called on Democrats to also clean house.  Is that finally happening?

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