ICE likely to increase immigration raids in New Jersey

ICE has responded to the new sanctuary rules by New Jersey’s Attorney General with a threat of more immigration raids in New Jersey.  ICE says it has no choice but to conduct more arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites in New Jersey.  A representative of the ICE office in Newark told NBC News that ICE raids will “likely increase” as a result of the directive.  “The probability is that at-large arrests and worksite enforcement operations, which already exist, will likely increase due to the fact that ICE will no longer have the cooperation of the jails related to immigration enforcement,” ICE spokesman Emilio Dabul added “the highest priority is public safety and enforcing immigration laws, we must pursue that to the best extent possible, which will likely involve more at-large arrests and worksite enforcement operations.”  Attorney General Grewal has not responded.

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Election night 2018 was a disappointment for NJ Republicans

Remember the job market that was booming?  The job market that has reflected more available jobs then available talent for the first time in recorded U.S. history?  The 3.7% unemployment rate?  The U.S. economy that’s about to set a record for the longest expansion?  The record breaking stock market?  The U.S. once again becoming a leader on the world stage?  The safety and security of our nation being a priority?  President’s Trump’s America first strategy?  Remember when our President was working with Congress to make the lives of the American people better?  #MeToo.  Like it was yesterday.

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