Election night 2018 was a disappointment for NJ Republicans

Remember the job market that was booming?  The job market that has reflected more available jobs then available talent for the first time in recorded U.S. history?  The 3.7% unemployment rate?  The U.S. economy that’s about to set a record for the longest expansion?  The record breaking stock market?  The U.S. once again becoming a leader on the world stage?  The safety and security of our nation being a priority?  President’s Trump’s America first strategy?  Remember when our President was working with Congress to make the lives of the American people better?  #MeToo.  Like it was yesterday.

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Unauthorized Democratic campaign signs in Pennsauken

Pennsauken’s Signgate continues.  As I understand it today was the first day the Democratic campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee was distributing lawn signs and already complaints are being reported of residents finding signs on their property that they did not authorize.  The proper way to distribute lawn signs is to get residents permission every year, assuming that properties change hands, not automatically place lawn signs on properties because they did so in the past.  Apparently this did not occur to the Pennsauken Democratic candidates.  Plastering our town with their signs would give the impression that they have a lot of support in town – and that’s apparently all that matters.   Continue reading “Unauthorized Democratic campaign signs in Pennsauken”

Blind faith and Pennsauken Democrats

The dictionary defines blind faith as “belief without true understanding or perception”.  Bruce Springsteen once said “Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed”.  Why then do Pennsauken Democrats expect residents to blindly support them?

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Pennsauken officials stack the deck yet again

The Pennsauken Car & Bike show is billed as a community event.  I talked in a previous blog post about how as a car enthusiast I enjoy Pennsauken’s yearly show.   What I didn’t realize was that this was an event for Democratic leaders in town to showcase their Township Committee candidates while attempting to block Republicans candidates from doing the same. Continue reading “Pennsauken officials stack the deck yet again”

Who is Jessica Jarbouh Rafeh?

In my role as a Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Consultant to corporate clients, a profession I’ve been in for 24 years, it’s my job to find information that people may not want found.  Since Pennsauken Township Committee candidates Jessica Rafeh and Marco DiBattista have refused to share much with us publicly other than a few selfies and limited bios on their Facebook page (no platform, no information on how they will make our town and lives better – nothing) I decided to do some digging.  Unfortunately I didn’t find much. Continue reading “Who is Jessica Jarbouh Rafeh?”

Marco and Jessica coming to a door near you? Maybe.

Pennsauken Township Committee candidates Marco DiBattista and Jessica Rafeh have recently started bragging about door knocking (far behind the opposing candidates who had already started their door knocking campaign) but will you see them at your door?  According to the last census there were 13,275 housing units in Pennsauken.  Will you be one of the few privileged who gets to hear their platform? Continue reading “Marco and Jessica coming to a door near you? Maybe.”

Signgate comes to Pennsauken!

Having been involved in prior political campaigns in Nevada and Pennsylvania I’ve learned something since coming to Pennsauken.  The world of Pennsauken politics is strange. It is a place where Democrats have been the sole ruling party for over 30-years and their successors appear to be handpicked and groomed.  Outsiders (and Republicans) do not appear welcome.  Board and important volunteer roles seem to be handed out as political favors.  The more time you spend learning the more questions you have.  The one constant is that Pennsauken Democrats believe they make the rules that everyone else needs to follow.  Sometimes they seem to make up those rules as they go along.   That brings us to Signgate. Continue reading “Signgate comes to Pennsauken!”

Internet trolls and Pennsauken Democrats

A few weeks ago on the Positively Pennsauken Facebook page Pennsauken Deputy Mayor Betsy McBride ended an exchange with residents by saying “Signing off.  I don’t live in social media world“.  Apparently the two Democratic candidates for Pennsauken Township Committee don’t see the value in “social media world” either since they’ve not bothered to engage residents on social media (other than a few selfies and posts talking about things they had nothing to do with).  Unfortunately their Internet trolls are out in full force speaking for them.   Continue reading “Internet trolls and Pennsauken Democrats”

Where’s Marco?

I’ve been asking myself a lot lately “Where’s Marco and Jessica?”   I’ve given our Democratic Township Committee candidates a primer on social media engagement.  I’ve shared the statistics by age group of who goes to the Internet to research information.  Our Republican Township Committee candidates have given them a great lead to follow but they’ve just not bothered engaging with voters on social media.  Apparently Democrats in Pennsauken are so confident you’ll continue to vote for them they don’t feel the need to engage with voters. Continue reading “Where’s Marco?”


Most candidates running for office talk about change. For some it’s “hope and change” or “change you can count on” but most talk about change without being specific about the change they offer.  The simple word change appears to be a word that makes voters believe a candidate will make their lives better. For Pennsauken Township Committee candidates Sabrina Winkler and Lisa Eckel change is not a campaign slogan.  Sabrina and Lisa offer the change that Pennsauken residents need the most. Continue reading “Change”