Informed Conservative week in review 1/14/19 through 1/20/19.

Last week the Informed Conservative covered NYC Mayor de Blasio wanting to end private control of property, Governor Murhy’s State of the State Address, Senator Menendez’s anger at Fox News for reporting that he was on the beach in Puerto Rico with a woman while the government shutdown continued, Investigative journalist Laura Loomer bringing illegal immigrants to Nancy Pelosi’s house seeking sanctuary, Alexandria Ocasio-Corte making a sexually charged comment during an interview, The View hosts challenging NYC Mayor de Blasio, New Jersey placing first again, Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous solution to the crisis on our southern border, President Trump’s plan for border security and ending the government shutdown and Congressional Democrats showing they don’t care about border security, the government shutdown or the American people.

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Informed Conservative week in review 1/7/19 through 1/13/19.

The Informed Conservative Blog focused more on national politics this week as the federal government shutdown reaches it’s 23rd day.  This week we asked what impact the federal government shutdown is having on New Jersey, if there is a mental health crisis in the Democratic party, we discussed the President’s address to the nation and the Democrats lack of credible response, asked you to take action and tell Governor Murphy that you oppose driver licenses for illegal immigrants, asked when Democrats started hating America, where Democrats are while President Trump is working to end the shutdown and reminded you of Elián González.

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What about the children?

While Liberals continue to push their narrative of kids being separated from their parents at the border to their uninformed base they seem to have forgotten how a prior Democratic administration treated one immigrant child.  Elián González’s mother died escaping the Castro regime in Cuba to give her son a better life in America.  The Clinton administration seized the boy at gunpoint and returned him to Cuba.

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The President spoke on border security last night. Democratic leadership almost responded.

President Trump addressed the nation last night on border security and the government shutdown.  The President called the situation at our southern border a “growing humanitarian and security crisis”, a “A crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul” and said it was a “cycle of human suffering” that he is determined to end.  Trump’s message was on point and consistent with what he’s been telling the American people since he began his campaign to become President.  We need border security.  The President has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to ban immigration into the U.S. but wants to make sure immigrants come here legally.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer responded minutes after the President concluded his address.  Their response reminded me of one of the courtroom scenes in the movie My Cousin Vinny “Everything that guy just said is bulls*it.  Thank you”.

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Is there is a mental health crisis within the Democratic party?

Psychology Today speculates that Trump Derangement Syndrome may be a legitimate mental condition.  In one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome we’ve seen Democratic Senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez along with Democratic Congressmen Albio Sires and Donald Payne Jr held a news conference at Newark Liberty International Airport today.  In an apparent attempt to sway opinion before President Trump’s address tonight Menendez told the press that the President’s address should come with a warning to viewers that “the comments you are about to hear are not based on fact and are likely to include misinformation, blatant lies and fear mongering”.    It seems to me that it is Menendez, Booker, Sires and Payne who are pandering to the uninformed with misinformation, blatant lies and fear mongering.

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