Election night 2018 was a disappointment for NJ Republicans

Remember the job market that was booming?  The job market that has reflected more available jobs then available talent for the first time in recorded U.S. history?  The 3.7% unemployment rate?  The U.S. economy that’s about to set a record for the longest expansion?  The record breaking stock market?  The U.S. once again becoming a leader on the world stage?  The safety and security of our nation being a priority?  President’s Trump’s America first strategy?  Remember when our President was working with Congress to make the lives of the American people better?  #MeToo.  Like it was yesterday.

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Has career politician Menendez been given enough time to prove himself?

Bob Menendez is a lifelong politician.  In 1974 at the age of 20 Menendez was elected to his local School Board in Union City.  Twelve years later in 1986 he became Mayor of Union City.  In 1988, while still Mayor of Union City, he was elected to New Jersey’s General Assembly.  In 1991 he was elected to the New Jersey State Senate.  In 1992 he was elected to the United States Congress.  In 2006 he was appointed to the United States Senate after the seat was vacated when Jon Corzine became New Jersey’s Governor.  After 44-years in office hasn’t Menendez been given enough time to prove himself?  It seems what most New Jersians will remember Menendez for his is 2015 indictment on federal corruption charges, allegations that he had contact with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic and his reprimand by the bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee saying he “broke the law” and that his actions “reflected discredit upon the Senate”.

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Republicans do have a sense of humor!

Steve Kush, who writes for the Bob & Steve Show blog always adds his humorous twist to South Jersey politics and keeps readers entertained.  Today it’s Cumberland GOP Chairman Michael Testa and Gloucester County GOP Chairwoman Jacci Vigilante who made me laugh in their press releases welcoming Menendez to South Jersey while pointing out serious issues plaguing the southern part of the state.   Continue reading “Republicans do have a sense of humor!”

Hugin and Menendez faced each other last night in the only NJ Senate debate

If you missed it last night Senator Menendez faced challenger Bob Hugin in the only debate of the NJ Senate race hosted by NJTV.  It was an interesting debate and early polling showed Hugin came out on top by a 2 to 1 margin.  I found Menendez unable to discuss his accomplishments after 25-years in the Senate and unwilling to answer questions about his indictment 3-years ago or his reprimand by the Senate Ethics Committee.

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Hugin in a statistical dead heat with Menendez in the Senate race

New Jersey may be on the verge of electing a Republican Senator for the first time since 1972.  Many polls show Hugin and Menendez in a statistical dead heat in a state that has been reliably blue.  A large number of New Jersey voters question Menendez’s honesty.  You’ll recall that Menendez was  indicted three years ago on charges of bribery, fraud, and lying to federal prosecutors about his involvement in an illegal immigration fraud . While a jury deadlocked and a Judge declared a mistrial the Senate Ethics Committee formally reprimanded Menendez saying he broke federal law “You failed to publicly disclose certain gifts as required by Senate Rule and federal law”.  The letter from the Senate Ethics Committee continued “Additionally, while accepting these gifts you used your position as a member of the Senate to advance Dr. Melgen’s personal and business interests.  The charges plus the reprimanding by the Senate Ethics Committee have left 54% of New Jersey voters rating Menendez unfavorably.

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