Singh the self-declared front-runner? Front-runner in his own mind.

A press release posted this morning on Insider NJ referred to Hirsh Singh as the “front-runner for U.S. Senate in 2020”.   The release also called Singh “the” Republican candidate clearly forgetting that there are at least 3 other candidates in the race.  The release left me wondering what Singh is the front-runner in?  Front-runner in living in his parent’s basement?  Front-runner in losing multiple prior elections?  Front-runner in hiding from the voters (I’ve rarely heard him speak publicly nor have I heard him speak on issues important to New Jerseyans)?  I’m wondering if in his next release Singh will simply skip the 2020 election and declare himself Senator?

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Republicans had reason to celebrate in New Jersey Tuesday night.

While Democrats still hold a majority in New Jersey Republicans had reason to celebrate on Tuesday night and Democrat State Senate President Steve Sweeney slammed Democrat Governor Phil Murphy.  After Murphy told reporters that Democrat wins in lower-tier races and tight races in competitive State Assembly districts amounted to a successful night for Democrats saying “the party is stronger than before without question” Sweeney replied “Are you kidding me?” .  Sweeney told NJ Advance Media “Really? How do you spin that? It wasn’t a good day.  This is the first net loss in the Senate in a decade. You can spin it however you want. We lost”.

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Cory Booker is heterosexual. Who knew?

In discussing the possibility of running for President in 2020 U.S. Senator Cory Booker told the Philadelphia Inquirer  “I’m heterosexual. Every candidate should run on their authentic self”.   This is not the first time Booker has been asked.  When he first ran for the U.S. Senate people were questioning his sexuality to which he answered “What does it matter?”.

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