Are you mad yet New Jersey Republicans? Do something about it!

On February 2, 2019 i wrote a blog post entitled “New Jersey Democrats want to give Cory Booker’s Presidential campaign an advantage” about a bill before the New Jersey Legislature that “Requires candidates for President and Vice-President of United States to disclose federal income tax returns to appear on ballot” and “prohibits Electoral College electors from voting for candidates who fail to file income tax returns”.  Yesterday the bill passed the New Jersey Senate by a 23 to 11 vote.  The bill states that candidates for President and Vice President must now disclose 5 years of federal tax returns to appear on the ballot in New Jersey.  Candidates would be required to submit their federal tax returns to the NJ State Division of Elections which would post them online.  Electoral College Electors would be prohibited from voting for candidates who don’t comply.  This is clearly an attempt to keep the incumbent President off the ballot and give Cory Booker a clear path to the White House.  Continue reading “Are you mad yet New Jersey Republicans? Do something about it!”

The con by failed candidate Vincent Squire continues.

The con by failed Camden County Freeholder and Pennsauken Township Committee candidate Vincent Squire continues.  Anyone who has read this blog for a long period of times knows that Squire filed frivolous criminal charges against this blogger.  While those charges make their way through the court system Squire appears to be trying to position himself as a victim.  After a hearing in Municipal Court on Tuesday Squire had a Pennsauken Township Police Officer escort him from the building.  He later claimed on social media that he has a full time body guard and GPS tracking with cameras.

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In case you didn’t already know New Jersey’s Democratic leadership is hypocritical.

I have found myself angry many times over the past 13-months since since Governor Murphy took office.  There may not have been a time when I was more angry then this morning when I learned that New Jersey is 1 of 16 states that joined a lawsuit filed Monday against President Trump to block his emergency declaration to build the wall.  New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal who was appointed by Murphy said in a Tweet “The only emergency today is a President who refuses to adhere to the rule of law”.  This of course coming from the AG who released his Immigrant Trust Directive last year making New Jersey a sanctuary state, refusing to cooperate with ICE and defying federal immigration law.  Murphy even budged $2.1 million for the legal defense of illegal immigrants facing detention or deportation (monies to fight the federal government in its efforts to enforce federal law).

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New Jersey Democrats think their authority trumps (pun intended) federal law again.

We knew for over a year it was coming.  As if Governor Murphy thumbing his nose at federal law by making New Jersey a sanctuary state was not enough “legalized” marijuana is becoming closer to a reality in the state.  According to Politico Governor Murphy, State Senate President Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Coughlin have reached a deal on marijuana “legalization”.  It gets worse. reported that the marijuana bill would include a provision to expunge the criminal records of people who have been convicted of marijuana offenses in New Jersey.

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NJ Republican State Committee Annual Leadership Summit.

The New Jersey Republican State Committee will hold it’s 2nd annual Leadership Summit on Friday March 1st and Saturday March 2nd at Harrah’s Atlantic City.  The Summit will bring together Republicans from around the State to socialize, strategize, and prepare for the upcoming election season. Attendees will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with national activists and party leaders to get their take on 2018 and plan for the 2019 election cycle.  Join the Facebook Event for updates and details.

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Informed Conservative week in review 2/4/19 through 2/10/19.

Last week on the Informed Conservative Blog we asked why Governor Murphy hates the Jersey Shore, talked about another law enforcement agency limiting its cooperation with ICE and suggested if you want to see the future of New Jersey take a look at New York.  On the Informed Conservative Podcast we announced the New Jersey Republican Party Statewide Leadership Summit on March 1st and the March on Trenton on March 26th.  We again asked the question why does Murphy hate the Jersey Shore, how the $15 minimum wage will force small businesses to close, force layoffs and force job and businesses to leave the state and asked the question how long will it be before the exodus of families, businesses and jobs from New Jersey cause the same significant drop in tax revenue causing budget deficits in our state?  We continued to talk about Murphy’s agenda that is wrong for New Jersey, Democrats in New Jersey giving Spartacus Booker an unobstructed path to the White House, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and wished the best to Jersey Guy Artie Lange who continues to fight his demons.

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