Why won’t Mehta, Singh or Rivera debate Flanagan?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan has challenged her opponents to a debate.  As of this writing neither Mehta, Singh or Rivera have accepted (I realize Anagnos is also in the race but I don’t believe he’s a serious candidate).  The NJGOP will not offer a platform for the candidates to debate. Is Tricia Flanagan the only U.S. Senate candidate who believes that New Jersey voters deserve a chance to compare candidates issue by issue?  Why will New Jersey’s Republican political bosses not encourage the candidates to debate?

Flanagan has put herself out there from the beginning of this race.  Flanagan is on social media every day discussing policy, answering questions from New Jersey voters and standing up for New Jerseyans.  While Singh has been outspoken Mehta and Rivera have been virtual ghosts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it nearly impossible for candidates to have face to face interaction with voters and attend rallies.  Social media and a live streaming debate are the only opportunities New Jersey voters will have to make an educated decision in the voting booth.  Why is Flanagan the only U.S. Senate candidate willing to debate?  Could it be that Flanagan is the only true conservative in the race?   What do Mehta, Singh and Rivera have to hide?

It is critical that we support President Trump and elect Republicans in 2020.  Cory Booker is beatable but we need the right candidate.  How will we know who the right candidate is without hearing them debate issue by issue?  I call on Mehta, Singh and Rivera to come out of hiding and debate Flanagan!  If you are a Conservative in New Jersey who believes as I do that we the voters deserve to watch our U.S. Senate candidates debate contact the Mehta, Singh and Rivera campaigns and demand their candidates agree to a debate.

Tricia Flanagan

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