Bellmawr gym owners stand up for the rights of all New Jerseyans yesterday.

The owners of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr opened yesterday despite Governor Murphy’s overreaching lockdown order telling Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson they were “ready for the consequences”.  After receiving a summons from local police and a threat from Governor Murphy owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti vowed the gym would remain open for the rest of the week saying they are standing up for what they believe is right.  The opening of Atilis Gym drew a crowed of about 200 supporters who protested Murphy’s totalitarian executive order many wearing pro-Trump attire, waving American flags and carrying signs with messages such as “Stay poor vote Democrat” and “My freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins”.

 Local police who had been watching the scene unfold told the crowd that the gym was in violation of the Governor’s executive order but then told them to “have a nice day”.

The crowd burst into cheers after Bellmawr Police allowed the gym to open.

Police later returned and served Smith and Trumbetti with a disorderly conduct summons.  “I assume that they came back because they received an order from higher up” Smith told Fox News.  “Moments earlier, probably a half-an-hour earlier, we had that beautiful exchange with the officers that had been present all day and whom we’ve had nothing but great exchanges with. It has been love and positive all day. With the exception of handing over a summons it remained that way” Smith said.  “I’m sure that their job could have been done better elsewhere.  I’m sure there were other calls that needed to be handled, you know. For the most part, we were self-reliant and responsible and peaceful.”  Regarding the the summons Smith told Tucker Carlson “”My attorney didn’t seem to ruffled up by it, and neither are Frank and I”.


The gym opened Monday with safety precautions in place requiring members to line up outside, maintain social distancing and get their temperatures taken.  They were also given disinfectant.

“Everything we’re doing is constitutional and it’s our rights and we’ve not broken any laws and an executive order isn’t a law anyway,” Trumbetti said. “Even if I was in violation of the executive order, I truly don’t believe I am based on the verbiage he has put in his own executive orders”.  “The thing that’s most unconstitutional about this is the lack of equal protection of the law” Attorney Kevin Barry said.

“If you show up at that gym again tomorrow, there’s going to be a different reality than showing today” New Jersey Dictator Murphy said Monday.  These just aren’t words, we’ve gotta enforce this” Murphy said.  Murphy said the state will “take action” against the gym.  It remained unclear what action police will take when the gym opens today.

I thank Smith and Trumbetti for standing up for all New Jerseyans.  Murphy like other Democrat politicians are attempting to cause hysteria over a virus with about the same death rate as the yearly flu.  Their goal apparently is to destroy our nation’s economy, instill fear in the American people and make the American people more dependent on the government while getting President Trump out of office.  Impeachment failed so why not destroy the lives and livelihoods of Americans to accomplish their goal of removing Trump?

Governor Murphy why is it safer to shop at Walmart or Home Depot than it is to attend church, shop at a local small business, attend graduation or go to a gym?  Why is laying on the beach while maintaining social distancing unsafe?  The answer is it’s not.  This is not about  a pandemic it’s about furthering the Democrat agenda at any cost.


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