When will Governor Murphy put New Jersey’s citizens first?

Days after telling reporters that New Jersey will have to cut essential services to its citizens if the state does not receive financial aid from the federal government Governor Murphy has indicated that he is “open-minded to the $600 a week” for illegal immigrants who have lost wages and cannot collect unemployment benefits.  Just days before Murphy told the media “We will just cut, cut, cut and cut. We won’t go bankrupt but we will leave our citizens in the lurch. At their most profound hour of need we will leave people on the beach alone helpless”.  Why is it that Governor Murphy is willing to leave the tax paying legal New Jersey citizens who elected him “on the beach alone” but not those who are here illegally?

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic Murphy told the media “we may not be able to keep our teachers, cops, firefighters and paramedics employed” clearly attempting to put political pressure on Washington and invoke fear in New Jerseyans.  Days later he indicated his support to provide financial assistance to illegal immigrants.

The immigrant advocacy group Make the Road New Jersey calls for the federal government to issue a $2,000 a monthly stimulus payments to those without a Social Security number,  cover COVID-19 testing and treatment through Medicaid for all regardless of their immigration status, extend work authorizations,  cancel rent, mortgage and utility bills and halt immigration enforcement and detention proceedings.  Two weeks prior the organization called for legal aid for those fighting deportation, a DACA renewal fund and expanding eligibility for occupational licenses. It also suggests a disaster relief cash assistance program providing $600 a week to immigrants excluded from unemployment or stimulus payments.

Nedia Morsy of Make the Road New Jersey said “There has been absolutely no action on the federal or state level for immigrants” Governor Murphy said he couldn’t commit to the cash assistance program but also didn’t dismiss it.  Murphy also encouraged anyone without access to healthcare including illegal immigrants to contact the state.

The legal, tax paying New Jersey citizens who elected Murphy are suffering financial hardship.  A total of 858,000 unemployment claims have been filed since mid-March.   That equates to nearly 20% of our workforce.  Businesses are shuttered.  Some small businesses may never return.  Many jobs may not return for years to come.  No one knows the long term economic impact of Murphy refusing to reopen New Jersey.  How dare this Governor even consider financial assistance to illegal immigrants while legal New Jersey citizens are suffering and he is threatening to cut essential services!


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