Guest blog: Who is Rikin Mehta?

Guest blog by John Supino.

Why hasn’t anyone vetted Rikin Mehta for the Senate race?  His speeches and stated positions are completely in opposition to his reality, and NOBODY is asking questions.  Why?  What don’t they want to know? His speeches drone on endlessly about his “three little gentlemen” (good god if I hear that line one more time, I’ll Arkancide myself) and his sister who is a Pediatrician.  Time wasters so he doesn’t have to talk about policy.  His family successes and kids don’t get policy passed. He never delves into any policy position only offers shallow platitudes.

Mr. Mehta talks about his work in the private sector, as an Entrepreneur.  As you can see on his own resume’ on Linkedin.  His entrepreneurial spirit started in January 2020, where he started what can only be described as a lobbyist firm, with himself as the firms only employee.  That’s hardly being an entrepreneur. Clearly done for the optics of the campaign, calling himself an entrepreneur never having to ever actually be one.

Let’s take a look at his policy positions.   Looking at Mr. Mehta’s website, I couldn’t find any in depth policy positions.   What we see are shallow, vague statements about drugs costing too much, and the like, and how he vows to make drugs affordable, but no real policy actions reflecting how he’d go about it.  He will never say how he will get anything done, just that “this is bad and I want to change it”.  It’s a water is wet policy position.  A statement of the obvious with no real plan to fix it.  We know, now what?

The only policy solution we see on his website is regarding his “STOPLIGHT IMMIGRATION POLICY”.   This policy can only be described as catch and release.  Essentially, if you’re here illegally, you’re given a “yellow card”.  This yellow card means you get, in his own words, “temporary status pending review”.  In other words, here’s a card, and promise to come back.  If you’re REALLY bad, you get a “red card”.  The red card has the same harsh punishment, again in his own words, “Short term visitor status and deportation”.  Of course, you only get deported, if you voluntarily come back and succumb to deportation.  Additionally, what’s the costs and complexity of this program to manage all these rainbow colors of cards. More bureaucracy begets more bureaucracy. Something only a swamp loving career bureaucrat can suggest.

If this “STOP LIGHT IMMIGRATION POLICY” is the one policy action he’s willing to put out there, I shutter to think what the rest of his action items would look like. More government, more liberal policy. He wants to talk about anything but real action.

To boil down Mr. Mehta’s entire experience, you have a CVS Pharmacist who went to Washington who spent a huge part of his career in the role of government bureaucrat. He then wanted to be perceived as an Entrepreneur, so he started a lobbying company, with no employees. Oh yeah, he’s a part time teacher at Georgetown, still in a liberal bubble where the slightest bit of conservatism makes you a right-wing nut, probably why he believes himself conservative.

What we have here is an empty suit opportunist, that brings little policy to the table, and will change stripes based on whatever benefits him at the time. Nothing except his shallow platitudes to claim the conservative mantle.  Can we trust him to support President Trump when push comes to shove?   Can we believe him when he says he’s a conservative?  Can we expect more than insipid shallow platitudes to complex issues from Mr. Mehta?  If his speeches and website are any indication, no, we can’t, on all counts.  When will somebody, anybody ask this guy a tough question, and get a clear answer.


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