Guest Blog: The Corrupt Nominating Process of NJ County Conventions. Part One.

Guest blog by John Supino.

I don’t know if the average NJ Republican understands how the Republican primary system works inside the County Committee System. I didn’t, until having witnessed it firsthand.  I always wondered how we, Republicans, keep getting left leaning liberal RINO Republicans like Hugin to run, and kept losing.  Now I understand.  The County Committees of NJ have the ability to impose their will on the public.  From what I have seen so far, the system is designed that about 100 people greatly influence who wins the state primary, and their considerations have little to do with the desires of the voting public.

I was told, in no uncertain terms, that Hugin was given the “line” in 2018 because his money would “spruce up” county headquarters with new paint, drapes and furniture.  Soon after receiving endorsements from the counties, sure enough public records show it was raining $35,000 checks down onto county committees. This is public record.  That nomination was PURCHASED, and the county commissions willingly participated.  The people’s voice was sold out to the highest bidder.  This is why Senator Menendez is still called Senator Menendez.  Do not let the 2020 primary go the same way, demand your voice.

So how does the system work?  Before the primary each county has what is called “screenings”.  These screenings are for the county boards (politburos) to decide who is going to be “endorsed” by each county.  You have a handful ill-informed influencers with questionable motives, having a 10-20 minute interview with each candidate. After this screening the committee picks a candidate to get the county line. What that means is that you get a coveted spot under the top of the ticket where people generally just drag their finger down the “line” and that candidate gets those primary votes.  In this case, it’s under President Trump, and is a HUGE advantage to anyone who gets a line under Trump’s name. This has a great effect on the outcome of primaries, gives that person who purchases, oops I mean wins, that vote a great advantage.

Can you imagine?  A 10-20 minute conversation, with 5-10 people at a table, with candidates asking superficial questions with typically no follow up determines who gets this potentially outcome-effecting benefit? From what I have seen the correct answer to every question is “I CAN GIVE YOUR COUNTY ORGANIZATION $XX,XXX FROM THE CAMPAIGN” —biggest number wins, because clearly it’s not about policy.

Once the screening committee is done, you go to convention.  You would think that any registered republican who lives in that county can walk in and vote in these conventions. That perhaps the candidates could be asked questions about their positions.  But no, you need to be anointed by the county committee to vote, and no questions are asked.  Asking questions could only expose the scam.

Once anointed, the dates, times, and circumstances of these events is a well-kept secret.  As I said above, average registered republican can not come to their party’s convention in the county they live, and have input on the endorsement selection, or even nominate from the floor.  In fact, as I write this, I got a DM on twitter from a county constituent, who didn’t even support my candidate, who told me they wanted to go to conventions and couldn’t find date, time, etc.  They had THREE PEOPLE searching for the information and still couldn’t find it. Why so hard to find? Many times, these people are better informed on the candidate’s stances than are the committee members who forwarded them from “screening process” (which in and of itself is a joke).

At these conventions you would think you get well informed delegates who know the candidates, and the issues, their stances, to vote right?   Nope. The convention is filled with friends of the screening committee, selected by the screening committee, and they are told how to vote by the screening committee.   The only exposure they bothered to pursue about candidate is a 3-5 minute speech they have allowed minutes before the vote. They chose know nothing about the candidates, they are volunteers not victims.  If the delagates don’t do as they are told, there will be ramifications imposed on them through the committee.  Not official of course, nothing in writing, but repercussions none the less.

You think I’m making this up. I was told to my face a guy wanted to vote outside the screening committee’s recommendation.   He was told he’d be thrown out of the committee, and that his small, local, business would suffer “grave consequences” for doing so.  That’s how rigged and cutthroat it is.  Don’t let anyone try to tell you it’s on the up and up.

You’d be hard pressed to show me how this process gives constituents a voice or fulfills the people’s will. Screening committees who are concerned about who can bring them new furnishings to their committee office, get to pick the person based on motivations that conflict with constituents.  The people have no voice.

Ask ANY one of these people voting in screening or convention about where Mehta, the guy they voted for, stands on issues. Most don’t even know.  He opposes sanctuary cities, as they will tell you.  Ask them for details on what his policy is, they will have no idea. They can’t, because Mehta has no idea. There is no public information other than shallow platitudes as to where he stands on any important issues. What is out there conflicts with President Trump’s core principles. These committee members say they love TRUMP, wear MAGA hats, but then support a candidate that conflicts with one of Trump’s core principles, ending catch and release. I’m having a hard time reconciling these conflicts.  Does this make these committees dishonest or ignorant?  I like to think ignorant, but I’m not so sure.

I don’t care what these committees tell you.  A 10-20 minute conversation with a candidate, followed by a 3 minute speech by the candidate, it’s a show, not a vetting process. It presents the illusion of fairness. That is not enough time to make this important decision, yet, they do, they make these decisions from their comfortable new couches, in rooms with freshly painted walls, new carpets and drapes, and big TVs.  At the end of the day, that’s all they care about.

It’s time to end this biased, corrupt system.  LET THE PEOPLE HAVE A VOICE!!!


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