Setting the record straight. I represent no campaign.

I’d like to make a statement in reference to Saturday’s blog post.  Camden County GOP Executive Director Tom Crone is apparently disturbed by my criticizing the Camden County GOP giving the line to Rik Mehta in the 2020 U.S. Senate race.   Rather than defend “his candidate” (his words) he has resorted to personal attacks as Tom does.   Rather than tell voters why we should join the Camden County GOP in supporting Mehta he has resorted to questioning my motivation and credibility.  Tom got on the radio yesterday and bashed the Informed Conservative Blog – an endeavor that months ago he asked me to let him be a part of.

Tom’s accusations included stating multiple times that I work for another Senate candidate.  Back in November I had planned to volunteer with a candidate and that candidate included my name in a press release announcing her campaign team.  I was to volunteer as a Strategist developing strategy to get that candidate’s messaging in front of voters and to get the candidate out talking to voters.  After a very short period of time I decided to back away from volunteering with any campaign.  I believe that the Informed Conservative should be neutral and not support any candidate prior to a primary.  Ethically I didn’t feel that volunteering with a campaign would allow me to present fair and unbiased opinion.  I volunteered with the campaign for a very short period of time and stepped away more than 3 months ago.

Again, rather than make a case for “his candidate” Tom has accused me of not supporting Mehta because I work for another candidate.  That is completely untrue.  I work for no campaign.   I stand behind my words that I do not believe that Mehta can beat Cory Booker and Mehta has not given voters reason to support him.

Let’s remember that this is the same Camden County GOP that ran Vincent Squire for Camden County Freeholder in 2018.   Squire was a convicted Felon with multiple convictions for Theft by Deception and Burglary.  He was facing new charges, had multiple bankruptcy filings and his home was in foreclosure.   I was credited with the Camden County GOP disavowing Squire after I researched, documented and brought public Squire’s past.  Given these facts the Camden County GOP’s screening process deserves question.

I believe that Tom’s behavior demonstrates why Republicans struggle to win elections in New Jersey.  He is acting like a political boss that we the voters not dare question.

Because I operate above board I welcome anyone with a comment, question or concern to contact me by email or 609-280-1367.


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