Mehta the front runner? Only if Republicans want Cory Booker to hold the seat.

The Camden County Republican Committee announced this week that it had given the line to U.S. Senate candidate Rik Mehta.  Camden County joined  3 of New Jersey’s 21 counties in giving Mehta the line.  In its press release the Camden County GOP called Mehta an “excellent U.S. Senate candidate ” and said he “has a keen grasp of the issues voters care about”.   Let’s not forget the Camden County GOP also endorsed Vincent Squire for Camden County Freeholder in 2018 before later disavowing him.

A press release posted on Insider NJ in November referred to Hirsh Singh as the front-runner for U.S. Senate in 2020.  Is it any wonder Republicans struggle to win elections in New Jersey when Mehta and Singh are considered front-runners to beat Cory Booker?  You’d better get used to seeing this face.  If Mehta or Singh get the nomination I believe Booker will be celebrating his reelection.

Booker pic

I have listened to interviews with Mehta including this fluff piece on the Bob and Steve radio show in November of 2019.  Mehta has shown me nothing.

Since Mehta doesn’t give New Jersey Conservatives much to go on in interviews I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he’s just not good in interviews.  Surely he must talk about issues important to New Jerseyans on his web site.


Unfortunately I was disappointed again.  No where does Mehta say anything that gets me excited about him as a candidate or more importantly shows me that he is a strong candidate who can beat Booker.  In fact at this point I’m not even convinced he supports President Trump!

I visited Mehta’s Facebook page.  Surely he must talk about the issues on his Facebook page, right?  I see nothing but photo ops and his announcements of the lines he’s won.  While I keep hearing about Mehta’s positions on the issues why can’t I find them?

Can a U.S. Senate candidate who makes dick jokes you’d think came from a 14-year old boy beat Cory Booker?


*UPDATE* I would have contacted Mehta for comment however I find no contact link on his web site. Apparently you can’t contact him for his positions on the issues any more than you can find them by searching the Internet (not that you should have to chase down a candidate to figure out why you should vote for him).

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