Republican New Jersey State Senator Michael Testa takes the oath of office.

Surrounded by his wife and three children Republican Michael Testa took the oath of office this morning in Trenton administered by Senate President Steve Sweeney becoming the new State Senator from New Jersey’s 1st Legislative District.

“The residents of the 1st Legislative District sent a message when they elected a real conservative to represent them in Trenton,” said Testa. “I’ll fight for the property tax relief and school funding that our overlooked towns in South Jersey deserve, and against the extreme spending, tax, and sanctuary state policies that our hard-working families can’t afford.”

Testa will serve on the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee and the Senate Labor Committee.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to be a member of the Budget Committee where I’ll have a voice on the most important fiscal matters that impact New Jersey families,” said Testa. “Serving on the Labor Committee will allow me to counter the expensive and unreasonable mandates being pushed by Democrats that are driving employers out of business and jobs out of New Jersey.”

Testa won a hard fought battle in LD-1 where in what was called the most competitive race in the state he unseated Bob Andrzejczak.  Testa, a Vineland attorney and the Cumberland County Republican Chairman, is the first Republican in New Jersey to flip a Democratic Senate seat in 12 years.

I have supported Michael and he has been a friend since appearing on the Informed Conservative Podcast back in August.  I had the pleasure of attending his election night victory party in Vineland with NJ-05 Congressional candidate Dana DiRisio.   It was an unbelievable night for Testa, his family, his supporters and New Jersey!

Visit Testa’s Senate web page and follow his Facebook and his Twitter feeds.

Senator Testa has promised to be a regular guest on the Informed Conservative Podcast to provide us updates from Trenton.

Congratulations Senator Testa.  You have made us all proud and showed Republicans in New Jersey how to be unapologeticly Conservative and win an election!


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