GSI/FDU poll finds that nearly half of New Jersey residents are planning to leave and it’s not because of the weather.

According to a recent survey conducted for the Garden State Initiative (GSI) and Fairleigh Dickinson University’s School of Public & Global Affairs, 44% of New Jersey residents are planning to leave the state within five years.  While most believe weather is the reason people leave the state weather ranked 8th of 11 factors surveyed.  The main reasons people cited as leaving was property taxes and overall cost of living.  Meanwhile Governor Murphy and the Democrats in the Legislature appear to be doing nothing to make New Jersey more affordable for residents.

Almost 40% of younger New Jerseyans (ages 18 to 29) and 33% of those nearing retirement (ages 50 to 64) plan to leave the state within the next five years.  Both are groups that are most impacted by the state’s cost of living.  Another 39% of New Jersey adults say they plan to leave the state within ten years.

Regina M. Ega, GSI’s President said “These results should alarm every elected official and policymaker in New Jersey.  We have a crisis of confidence in the ability of our leaders to address property taxes and the cost of living whether at the start of their career, in prime earning years, or repositioning for retirement, New Jersey residents see greener pastures in other states.  This crisis presents a profound challenge to our state as we are faced with a generation of young residents looking elsewhere to build their careers, establish families and make investments like homeownership.”

“What’s interesting is that new Jersey’s top two problems are really deeply rooted political problems,” said Peter Woolley, Director of FDU’s School of Public & Global Affairs. “That means our big problems can only be resolved through a sustained and resolute political process.”

While property taxes and cost of living were the two top reasons people plan to leave the state government corruption and concerns about crime and drugs rounded-out the top four concerns.

Governor Murphy and the Democratic Legislators in Trenton appear focused on their taxpayer funded war on Washington, opposing President Trump, “legalizing” marijuana, sanctuary for illegal immigrants, free college education for illegal immigrants, funding the legal defense of illegal immigrants facing detention or deportation, LGBT education in schools, ending the livelihoods of independent contractors, criminal justice reform that will make your family less safe, how law enforcement interacts with the LGBT community and a host of other things that do not have an effect on the lives of average New Jersyans while I see them doing nothing to stop the outflow and projected outflow of businesses and residents from the state.



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