Don’t feel too bad for Sue Altman.

Sue Altman, Executive Director of the far left New Jersey Working Families and vocal critic of South Jersey Democrat Powerbroker George Norcross was physically removed from a State Senate hearing on New Jersey’s tax incentive programs by State Police yesterday.  State Senator Bob Smith (D, Middlesex), Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Economic Growth Strategies, asked State Police to remove protesters after a series of demonstrations and booing after witnesses completed their testimony.  “I want that entire back wall of people removed” Smith told state police.  The officers began removing people from the room.  When they got to Altman she refused forcing officers to physically remove her.

Witnesses say that State Police grabbed Altman by the arms and physically removed her from the Senate hearing room.  Altman resisted officers and fell to the ground.  Altman’s supporters are already claiming that Altman’s physical removal from the hearing was politically motivated although Altman could have left quietly and not resisted police.

Altman released a statement shortly after the incident

“Today, George Norcross and his political allies resorted to thuggery and violence to silence the voices of Camden residents and advocates seeking to make their voices heard on the ongoing incentives scandal.  While Norcross allies were cheering, a group of advocates booed on response to public testimony from a Norcross ally. I was then specifically targeted for removal from the hearing room. State troopers grabbed me by the arm, and when I fell they dragged me from the committee room. They then issued me a citation for disorderly conduct” Altman’s statement read.  “Violence against political opponents is the last refuge of despots who have lost the debate over ideas. What happened to me today unmasks the dirty underbelly of a machine that will subvert democracy in its ruthless goal to accumulate and maintain power.  Norcross and his allies expected a perfectly choreographed appearance by Norcross today.  Camden residents refused to be silent, and because of that we were targeted with an act of political violence and thuggery”.

After the incident Altman told InsiderNJ “Our folks were in the back, about 20 people, whom we had to smuggle in.  We booed. I booed a couple of times. The cop came over and pointed at me directly and said ‘You have to leave.’ I said, ‘I didn’t do anything. He said, ‘You booed three times.’ What is this, three boos and you’re out?”

The booing was a reaction to NJ AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech’s testimony about the positive impact of the tax incentive program on the city of Camden.  “There’s been tremendous business not only in Camden but in the state state with this kind of project,” Wowkanech testified.   Smith had warned the audience about inappropriate behavior prior.

In a press release Camden County GOP Chairman Rich Ambrosino said “Today’s Senate hearing on the state tax incentive program was nothing more than political theater, from both sides of the Democrat’s stupid war.  Not even the most casual political observer expected anything of substance to come out of today’s hearing,”  Ambrosino continued “Today was about political showmanship from both establishment Democrats and the progressives trying to take control from them”.  “The progressives went to the hearing to be unruly and stir things up and did exactly that.  The establishment went with a plan to portray themselves as do-gooders who care about Camden with their same old tired lines of crime being down and more people working, when we all know the truth is crimes are being reported differently within the county police department and any new jobs are a direct result of President Trump’s domestic agenda.”  Abrosino said.  “As I’ve been saying since the start of this war between the establishment and progressive Democrats, the only people to blame for the tax incentive controversy are Democrats, be they establishment or progressive because for the past 28 years both sides have come together every November to vote the Democratic Party line.  Progressives helped give the establishment the power, now they’re having buyers’ remorse. They’re little protests and acts of civil disobedience are too little, too late”.

Governor Murphy apparently forgetting that the Legislature is dominated by his own party took to social media after Altman’s removal.


But don’t feel too bad for Sue Altman.  It is the South Jersey Progressive Democrats who are partially responsible for the Norcross Machine.  The Progressive Democrats vote for the Democrat machine (I’ve yet to meet a Progressive Democrat who has told me they voted for a Republican) then play the victim.  The Camden County GOP put it best on their Facebook page “The South Jersey Progressives are a complete and total fraud. They have supported Norcross Machine candidates for 25 years but feign their indignation publicly while still voting for the machine”.


There are Republicans in South Jersey who believe that the Progressive Democrats war with the Norcross Machine benefits Republicans but that’s simply not the case.  The Progressive Democrats are far left Liberals who have voted for Norcross Machine backed candidates for years.  They are not suddenly going to vote Republican.  They do not share our conservative ideology.  They simply want the power the Norcross Machine currently wields.  They want a power shift within the Democratic party not a power shift to Republicans.

So don’t feel too bad for Sue Altman.  Instead blame her and her cronies for allowing the Democrat Machine in New Jersey to continue.  And let her consider herself lucky she was not charged with resisting arrest yesterday.


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