Singh the self-declared front-runner? Front-runner in his own mind.

A press release posted this morning on Insider NJ referred to Hirsh Singh as the “front-runner for U.S. Senate in 2020”.   The release also called Singh “the” Republican candidate clearly forgetting that there are at least 3 other candidates in the race.  The release left me wondering what Singh is the front-runner in?  Front-runner in living in his parent’s basement?  Front-runner in losing multiple prior elections?  Front-runner in hiding from the voters (I’ve rarely heard him speak publicly nor have I heard him speak on issues important to New Jerseyans)?  I’m wondering if in his next release Singh will simply skip the 2020 election and declare himself Senator?

In my opinion Singh leaves a lot to be desired as a candidate and is front-runner no where but in his own mind.  My sources tell me he’s a premature fundraiser and has tapped all of his sources dry.  I pay attention to politics but could not tell you where Singh falls on a single issue.  After watching a recent interview I’m confident that Singh could not go toe to toe with Tricia Flanagan on a debate stage.  Tricia talks to voters every day about the issues important to them including healthcare and the economy.  Singh appears to be hiding in his parents basement unwilling to engage with voters.  He’s also no longer the only Asian-American running for the Senate so he’s lost the race card.  I’m not even clear if he has Conservative beliefs since he’s failed to tell us where he stands.

Perhaps someone in the Singh camp will contact me and tell me what Singh is the front-runner in.  Singh perhaps in the future before you declare yourself the front-runner you’ll have data to back it up.


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