Today marks 7 years since Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore.

It was 7-years ago today that Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore. I grew up down the shore and felt a calling to do something to help. These people in crisis were “my people’.

I am not from the Tuckerton / Mystic Islands area but that’s where I decided to go. I called the shelter and was told they didn’t have a can of food on the shelf. The area was destroyed by the storm yet was not getting the same media coverage as other areas.  This is not an expensive area of the Jersey Shore.  This is a working class community.  

When I arrived at the shelter in Tuckerton I found hundreds of people from the area who had to leave their homes.  Working class people who had lost everything.

Sandy shopping

I made several trips to the area with food, ice, water, clothing, toys and other supplies. After bringing supplies to the shelter I drove around to see the devastation first hand. Unfortunately the police would not let us into the worst hit areas so while I did get some pictures it was not of the worst damage.


Notice “For Sale” painted on the front of this house.  The owners kept their sense of humor through the devastation.

Sandy Boat

This boat had been in the water and ended up on land wedged between two houses.

Sandy Belmar

Above and below I took a ride to Belmar to see the devastation there.

Sandy Belmar 2

Damage to the Seaside boardwalk.  Now I’m getting closer to home.

Sandy Seaside

Sandy Seaside 2

Sandy Seaside 3

Hurricane Sandy is the largest Atlantic hurricane on record with tropical-storm-force winds spanning 900 miles.  Thirty seven people were killed and 346,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in New Jersey.  The Uncle of a friend of mine drown in his home after refusing to evacuate prior to the storm.  Authorities estimate there was 8-feet of water in the house.

Seven years after the storm some New Jerseyans are still not back in their homes.  According to as of this month 757 homeowners who received grants from the New Jersey Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) program remain without certificates of occupancy.

May God bless New Jersey, the Jersey Shore, those who lost their lives in Hurricane Sandy and those still trying to get back into their homes.   May we never face such devastation again.

Sandy 3


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