Response to Democratic Activist Bob Grant’s opinion piece on

Democratic Activist and Chair of the Morris County Democratic Party Building Task Force Bob Grant wrote an opinion piece that was published on yesterday.  Bob gave his opinions on why Democrats are losing power apparently forgetting to mention that the Democratic party is losing ground because it has become radicalized and no longer resonates with the average middle class American family.  Bob then says;

“New Jersey seems to be waking to the realization that there is considerable corruption in our state government.  Grass-roots groups are taking on the bosses and the power brokers, and this is a positive, but it has to be sustained”.

Bob neglected to mention that the “considerable corruption” he talks about is in the DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED New Jersey State Government.  It’s your own party Bob that rules New Jersey.  We do need to take on the bosses and power brokers in New Jersey by electing Republicans and getting rid of the Democratic political bosses and power brokers.

On the following Bob and I agree.  Bob says;

“Please let’s pay attention to what is important.  The entire New Jersey Assembly is on the ballot as are hundreds of mayors and a couple of thousand town council members.  It is on the local level that real change occurs”.

It is on the local level that real change occurs.  We as New Jerseyans need to be the catalyst of that change by electing Republicans not only at the local level but to a majority in the New Jersey assembly.

Average middle class working voters in New Jersey need to ask themselves what the Democratic party has done for them and their families?  Has a system that allows for Democratic political bosses and power brokers made life better for your family?  What has Democrats providing sanctuary to criminal illegal immigrants in New Jersey done for your family other than make them less safe in their homes?  What has wasteful spending in New Jersey state government done for your family besides raising your taxes?  Has New Jersey becoming the number one state that people leave helped your family?  Have businesses and jobs leaving New Jersey stabilized your family’s finances?  What have the Democratic political bosses and power brokers done to make life better and more affordable for your family?

My takeaway from Bob’s piece is that the Democratic party in New Jersey is running scared.  They are afraid that voters will elect Republicans to a majority in the “Murphy mid-terms”.  Democrat Activists like Bob have no factual issues to stand on because Democrat political bosses and power brokers in New Jersey are not working to make the lives of the average middle class New Jersey family better and more affordable.

It’s time for voters in New Jersey to stand up, tell the Democratic party “I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” and elect a Republican majority.

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