What is the NJ Attorney General’s answer to ICE arresting 54 criminal illegals?

Earlier this week ICE announced that it has arrested 54 people in New Jersey in an action targeting criminal illegal immigrants who were released from local law enforcement custody into the community instead of being transferred to ICE.  Criminal illegal immigrants in New Jersey cannot be released to ICE custody due to the New Jersey Attorney General’s Immigrant Trust Directive.  What was Attorney General Grewal’s response?  To order New Jersey Sheriffs to end their agreements with ICE.

On Friday Grewal ordered ordered the Sheriffs of Monmouth and Cape May Counties to end their 287(g) agreements with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  This would seem a direct response to ICE arresting 54 criminal illegal immigrants then criticizing New Jersey law enforcement for releasing criminals from jail rather than turning them over to ICE at the behest of the Attorney General’s directive.  The 287(g) program was created during the Clinton administration and directs that local police and corrections officers can serve as agents of the federal government and detain people for immigration-related offenses.

Attorney General Grewal’s Immigrant Trust Directive has made it easier for violent criminal illegal immigrants in New Jersey to be released from custody rather than being turned over to federal immigration authorities.

“Once again, Attorney General Grewal and the radical liberals of the Murphy Administration have put their far-left ideology ahead of South Jersey families,” said New Jersey State Senate candidate Mike Testa. “I am outraged! Our Governor knows all too well that there are illegal immigrants currently on the run from ICE who have raped, abused and assaulted women and children.  The Governor’s dangerous Sanctuary State policy must be repealed.

Monmouth County Sheriff Golden was critical of the Attorney General’s directive “It’s a disappointing day for law enforcement in the State of New Jersey as a result of the directive issued by the Attorney General to put an end to all 287(g) agreements in New Jersey,” said Golden in a statement “Law enforcement throughout Monmouth County never wants to be faced with a situation where a dangerous, undocumented immigrant is released from jail and poses a threat to a community. However, this sanctuary directive will make our communities less safe, since it places people in those communities at risk for increased violence.  We shall continue to pursue legal remedies to this directive, which deprives Monmouth County of the ability to identify individuals who have committed crimes and are here illegally.”

“We have been trying to work with the State because I believe this program is vital to the protection of our County residents and visitors. I have never been told in my 35 years in law enforcement not to work with another law enforcement agency,” said Cape May County Sheriff Robert Nolan.  Gerald M. Thornton, director of the Cape May County Board of Freeholders said “I can’t say I am surprised by the decision by the Attorney General but believe me this is not the end of this story.  We will take this matter all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary”.

Earlier this month the Ocean County Board of Freeholders filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Grewal and his office.  The Board of Freeholders is seeking a declaration that Grewal’s Immigrant Trust Directive exceeds the lawful scope of his authority and is preempted by the federal government’s exclusive authority to regulate and enforce immigration laws.  It also seeks a declaration that the attorney general lacks authority to regulate the county’s sharing of inmate information with law enforcement agencies.

Sussex County Freeholders voted in August to add a question to the November ballot that seeks voters’ opinion on whether Sussex County Freeholders should “make county-owned tools, resources, personnel, and real and intellectual property reasonably available to ICE”.

According to ICE its agreements with Monmouth and Cape May counties are producing results pointing to deportation proceedings against a Mexican national accused of child sex abuse in Monmouth County and a Jamaican man who overstayed a visa and was charged with domestic violence and weapons offenses in Cape May County.

At a press conference in Newark announcing his order to Sheriff’s Departments to end their agreements with ICE Grewal accused the Trump Administration in being overzealous in enforcing immigration laws.  Does New Jersey’s Attorney General not understand his obligation to enforce the law?  There is no such thing as being “overzealous” in enforcing laws (be those local, state or federal laws) and  New Jersey’s top law enforcement officer calling enforcement of the law “overzealous” is staggering.

I believe this is part of the Murphy Administration’s ongoing war against the Trump Administration.  Murphy and Grewal are frequent outspoken critics of the President and have demonstrated that they will put politics before the safety and security of tax paying New Jersey citizens while continuing to waste tax payer resources in their war on Washington.  In August we reported that New Jersey tax payer resources had been used to join eight lawsuits against Washington in seven months.  New Jersey law enforcement releasing criminal illegal immigrants into our communities following Grewal’ Immigrant Trust Directive is well documented.  Murphy and Grewal see the Trump Administration as “overzealous” in enforcing the law so they are going to sacrifice the safety of New Jersey communities by releasing dangerous criminal illegals.

Murphy and his appointed Attorney General Grewal swore to serve the people of New Jersey not put our families in danger or waste our tax dollars in their political war against Washington and opposition to federal immigration laws (laws that existed long before President Trump took office).  While Murphy and Grewal are spending millions in a tax payer funded war against Washington Murphy is vetoing spending that would benefit New Jersey residents such as road projects, $4.6 million in aid to Stockton University and $4 million a year to protect tourism at the Jersey Shore.

New Jersey has challenges of it’s own.  Property taxes are out of control.  We have a serious drug epidemic.  We are the number one state people leave.  We’ve been rated among the worst states to do business.  Jobs are leaving the state.  Tourism at the Jersey Shore is down.  Crime is rampant.  Newark’s water is polluted.  NJ Transit is a mess.  The list goes on yet our Governor and Attorney General are focused on their political war on Washington, spending million in tax resources to oppose the Trump Administration and putting New Jersey families in danger from violent criminals.


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