DiRisio releases statement on Articles of Impeachment against President Trump and calls out opponent, sitting Congressman Josh Gottheimer

Congressional candidate Dana DiRisio from New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District released the following statement to the Informed Conservative Blog regarding Articles of Impeachment against President Trump and called out her opponent sitting Congressman Josh Gottheimer.

Warren County, New Jersey – 9.24.19.  Statement from NJ-5 Candidate Dana DiRisio

Ever since the Democrats took Control of the House of Representatives during the fall of 2018 they have continued to wage their War Against President Trump.

Still reeling from the fact that they lost their shot at the First Female President (and subsequently embarrassing themselves with the Mueller Report witch-hunt) pursuing Articles of Impeachment against The President with the latest controversy surrounding Ukraine, Joe and Hunter Biden, and President Trump was inevitable.

My opponent, New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-5), worked for President Bill Clinton during his own Impeachment Process.  In fact, Mr. Gottheimer wrote many of the speeches that Mr. Clinton made during that time; including – but not limited to – the speech that ultimately caused President Clinton’s downfall.

Mr. Gottheimer is acutely aware of what the Impeachment Process has on his ability to retain his Seat in Congress. For that reason alone, this is why Mr. Gottheimer has continued to skirt his position on Impeachment. He knows it is a Risky Stance to Take -and that the backlash from the American Public and The Electoral College will very likely tip the scales even farther in President Trump’s re-election and subsequently, his own chances of Re-Election to Congress.

The American People are tired of The Games. They are tired of being told that they did not Legitimately Elect This President. They are tired of The Democrats wasting time and Taxpayer Dollars on their quest to take back The Presidency, rather than focus on the real issues facing the American People.

I suspect Congressman Gottheimer will finally solidify his position on Impeachment today, as the House announced that they will formally introduce Articles of Impeachment. I suspect he will finally commit to a “yes” vote.

Considering Mr. Gottheimer can’t commit to anything other than fundraising for his re-election to the tune of $7 million dollars (an unconscionable amount of money for a Congressional Race), I might actually applaud him for finally taking a stand.

Except, he is only taking a stand as it suits his political future. Mr. Gottheimer goes to sleep every night knowing that he bought the 2016 election from a respectable man and the voters of the 5th District – to the tune of $30 Million Dollars for roughly 14,800 votes.

To that end, Gottheimer could also come out and vote “no” – because he knows his political future depends on it.

If I were a Member of Congress, I would make my stances known early and vote consistently. The voters trust a Representative more when One acts Accordingly. My Goal would be to Represent, not get Re-Elected.

President Trump authorized the release of the transcripts of his phone conversation with the foreign leader from Ukraine during his business trip to the U.N. this afternoon.

I do not think he would do so if he was not fully prepared to take accountability for His Presidency – whichever way The House (and the American People), choose To Vote.

Dana A. DiRisio

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