Monmouth University polling finds that Governor Murphy’s job approval rating remains low.

According to the latest Monmouth University polling released yesterday Governor Murphy’s job approval rating has remained low at 41% since polling earlier this year found his job approval rating to be just 43%.  According to the poll Murphy is seen as being more concerned with his own political future than running New Jersey.  Public opinion is negative on the impact of Murphy’s agenda on property tax payers and the middle class.

According to Monmouth University polling just 41% of New Jerseyans approve of the job Murphy is doing.  These results are statistically similar to the 43% approval rating he received in February 2019. In April 2018, shortly after he took office, his approval rating was at 44%.

“Murphy’s approval rating has been stuck at a nearly even split this year. Recent events, such as the Newark water crisis, have not helped cast him in the best light. But the bigger issue seems to be that he is simply flying under the radar for most New Jerseyans,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Just over 1-in-10 New Jerseyans (12%) say Murphy has achieved major accomplishments so far and 42% say he has minor accomplishments. Another 36% say he has no real accomplishments and 10% offer no opinion.

New Jerseyans feel that Murphy is more concerned with his own political future (49%)
than he is with governing the state (33%). Another 4% say he is concerned with both equally and 15% are unsure where his focus lies. These results are very similar to public opinion earlier this year, when 46% said Murphy was more focused on his future and 33% said he was more focused on the state. This perception was evenly divided in April 2018, though, at 39% more concerned with his own future and 40% more concerned with governing the state.

The poll also found that the governor’s relationship with his own party’s legislative leadership is seen as slightly more negative now than it was earlier this year, but a majority of the public still isn’t paying attention. Currently, 14% say Murphy has a good relationship with top Democrats in the legislature, which is down from 20% in February. On the other hand, 28% say he has a bad relationship with these leaders, which is up from 19% earlier this year. Still, 53% say they have not heard anything
about this relationship which is similar to 54% who were unaware in February.

Murphy continues to get mixed reviews for how he has helped New Jerseyans across the
economic spectrum. While 25% say his policies have helped the poor, a similar 21% say they have actually hurt this group and 32% say they have had no impact.

Murphy’s policies have been seen as slightly more positive for wealthy residents – 27% say this group has been helped and 14% say it has been hurt, with 31% saying there has been no impact. The governor gets more negative reviews for his impact on middle class New Jerseyans – 17% of the public say helped and 31% say hurt, with 36% saying
no impact.

The number who say Murphy’s policies have hurt all three of these income groups has actually gone down by 7 to 8 points since February. This change has mainly been due to some Republicans shifting from the “hurt” category to “no impact.” The number of state residents who say Murphy’s policies have helped the poor and middle class has remained stable (down just 1 to 2 points for these groups), but the number who say he has helped wealthy residents has gone up by 5 points.  “These shifts are small and need to be taken with a grain of salt, but it seems that Republicans have become less worried about Murphy’s economic policies while Democrats feel that the wealthy are
the group making gains. This runs counter to the ‘liberal lion’ image the governor is trying to foster. It could be problematic for his brand if this trend is confirmed in future polls,” said Murray.

When Monmouth University released the results of it’s polling Murphy and wife Tammy were enjoying a taxpayer funded trip to India.  We can only hope that Murphy returns from India well rested and ready to focus on the issues important to New Jersey’s middle class (i.e. tax revenue generators) and the challenges facing New Jersey (the number one state people leave, rated one of the worst business climates, the opioid epidemic, high taxes and crime are a good place to start).  Murphy realizes that pandering to the radical far left gets him votes but his own liberal policies are chasing revenue and job generators out of the state.  New Jersey’s middle class does not stand in support of Murphy when it comes to making New Jersey a sanctuary state, tax payer monies being used for the legal defense of illegal immigrants facing detention or deportation, free college for illegal immigrants, driver licenses for illegal immigrants, healthcare for illegal immigrants, the most strict gun control laws in the country, using New Jersey tax revenue in his political war against Washington, the $15 minimum wage, LGBT curriculum in schools and the rest of his radical agenda.  We can only hope that Murphy finally makes these polling numbers and the priorities of New Jersey’s revenue generators a priority before it’s too late.


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