Hell yeah, Don’t Tread on Me. Guest blog by Tom Crone of the Camden County GOP.

Failed senate candidate and failing presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke pulled the curtain back on the Democratic Party’s true intention regarding the Second Amendment; gun confiscation. Now the party line is a government “buyback” but we all know that is a fancy euphemism for confiscation. Forever liberals have admonished conservatives that “no one is coming for your guns” when discussing the Left’s common sense gun control. That was always a lie. Robert Francis punctuated his position by shouting “he’ll yeah” we are going to take your AR-15’s destroying the false narrative of common sense anything. But we conservatives knew this.

Beto is not alone with this shredding of the Constitution, every Democrat in America supports this agenda, change my mind. There has been an unfortunately anemic response from the Republican Party to confiscation threats and worse the new Red Flag Laws which not only infringe on the Second Amendment but the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments. Several Republican senators have indicated they support this “common sense” approach to gun control. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) has completely betrayed his oath by pushing more gun control openly.  Weak Republicans are more dangerous than any Democrat or Progressive, it is becoming more evident daily. The party of Lincoln, Reagan and Trump needs to stiffen their spine and stand on principle.

Fortunately not all Republicans are weak and feckless, Rep. Jim Jordan (R) of Ohio is, was and will be solid on the Constitution and the rule of law. Last week he torched House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D) of NY on his support of Red Flag Laws after voting to move legislation out of the committee. Jordan is a role model for Republicans at every level, he is passionate, articulate and unafraid. He represents the too silent majority of conservative Republicans who must now become not only vocal but aggressive. This is not a drill, this is real and nothing less than the republic is at stake. If the Second falls the other will too. The time for polite discussion has ended, they are coming for our guns, hell yeah, come and take them. If you dare.

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