Governor Murphy says that giving driver licenses to undocumented illegal immigrants is a “no brainer”

New Jersey’s radical leftist Governor is at it again.  Speaking to a group in Bloomfield Monday night Governor Murphy said he would sign a bill granting undocumented illegal immigrants drivers licenses if a bill crossed his desk calling it a “no brainer.”  “It’s a no-brainer.  I’m frustrated that it’s not on my desk.  I encourage you to call your Assembly person, your Senator, and ask him why it is stuck and not on the Governor’s desk because I will sign it” Murphy told a group inside Temple Ner Tamid in Bloomfield.  The bill would give driver licenses to an estimated 400,000 undocumented illegal immigrants in New Jersey.

“Only in Phil Murphy’s New Jersey could you require legal citizens to provide six points of identification to get a driver license then turn around and give one to someone who cannot produce a single piece of identification that says they are even an American citizen,” said Mark Caliguire, a Republican Assembly challenger from Montgomery.

Murphy argues that opposition to driver licenses for undocumented illegal immigrants is rooted in resentment.  Murphy says that granting undocumented illegal immigrants a benefit would somehow diminish the rights of legal U.S. citizens.  “This is the us versus them world we live in right now” Murphy said.  While driver licenses for undocumented illegal immigrants was a prominent issue in Murphy’s 2017 Gubernatorial campaign the Legislature has not taken action to pass Bill A4743.

Allow me to correct you Governor.  Those of us who oppose driver licenses for undocumented illegal immigrants do not believe it will diminish our rights as legal U.S. tax paying citizens nor do we have an “us versus them” attitude.  We know that undocumented illegal immigrants have violated federal law and are entitled to nothing except a bus ride to a detention facility, a bus ride to court and a bus ride back to the border.  Undocumented illegal immigrants are not entitled to a driver license, free tax payer funded healthcare, a tax payer funded legal defense when facing deportation or detention or free tax payer funded education.  We want our Governor and Attorney General to adhere to federal law and cooperate with federal law enforcement.  Anything less is a dereliction of your duties.


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