Press Release from the NJGOP: Murphy Can’t Stay Silent On Anti-Semitic Appointee

August 21, 2019.  NJGOP Chairman: Murphy Can’t Stay Silent On Anti-Semitic Appointee

For Immediate Release

Trenton, NJ – A report from NJ Globe two days ago revealed that Murphy Administration appointee Jeffrey Dye had made multiple anti-Semitic and anti-hispanic comments on his Facebook page. The Department of Labor later released a statement acknowledging he no longer worked for the state.

In response, Governor Murphy said – nothing.

NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt released the following statement:

“Governor Murphy is cultivating a culture of blind indifference inside his Executive Administration. His appointees have included convicted bribe takers, alleged rapists, and now admitted bigots. And while the Governor came forward, eventually and begrudgingly, and acknowledged his failures for the likes of Marcellus Jackson, Al Alvarez and Lizette Delgado Polanco, he’s remained disconcertingly quiet on his hiring of Jeffrey Dye, whose anti-Semitic and anti-Hispanic rants were uncovered Monday by the Globe. In fact, it was the Department of Labor that stepped up and fired Dye, since Murphy took no action and made no statement. That’s not leadership. Governor Murphy preaches progressivism but his Administration practices prejudice.”

Hudson County GOP Chairman Jose Arango called on Governor Murphy to break his silence on his appointee:

“Governor Murphy’s silence on his employee’s racist, anti-hispanic social media posts is completely unacceptable. New Jersey deserves a leader who will stand up to racism even when it is politically inconvenient. Right now, the Hispanic community is calling for Governor Murphy to finally show some leadership abilities.”


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