When will Governor Murphy stop using our tax dollars on his political war against Washington?

Unfortunately we find ourselves reporting far too often that New Jersey has joined a lawsuit against the Trump Administration.  In February New Jersey joined a lawsuit filed against the Trump Administration to block the President’s emergency declaration to build a wall at our southern border.  In March New Jersey joined a lawsuit over a regulatory opinion issued by the Trump administration regarding online gaming.  In April New Jersey joined a lawsuit over the Administration’s decision to ease restrictions on power plants.  In June New Jersey joined a lawsuit against the Trump Administration regarding children being separated from their illegal immigrant parents at the southern border.  In July New Jersey joined a lawsuit claiming that the federal government does not adequately regulate asbestos.   Also in July New Jersey sued the IRS and Treasury Department over the SALT deduction cap.  This week New Jersey has joined a lawsuit against the trump administration over the President’s public charge immigration rule (a change that will save American tax payers $2.27 billion a year in public assistance to immigrants).  That is seven lawsuits against the government in seven months begging the question when will Governor Murphy and Attorney General Grewal stop using our tax dollars in their political war against Washington?

The rule in question is over the United States denying Green Cards to immigrants who depend on public assistance starting in October.  Federal law already requires that those seeking a Green Card prove they will not be a burden to U.S. tax payers.  Before approving a Green Card the government wants to know how likely an immigrant is to become a “public charge” and receive benefits such as subsidized housing and food stamps.  U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers will now weigh public assistance along with other factors such as education, household income and health to determine whether to grant legal status.

Guidelines in place since 1999 refer to “public charge” as someone primarily dependent on cash assistance, income maintenance or government support for long-term institutionalization.  Under the new rules “public charge” will be defined as someone who is more likely than not to receive public benefits for more than 12 months within a 36-month period. Green card applicants will be required to submit three years of federal tax returns in addition to a history of employment.

This week New Jersey asked a Federal Court to overturn the Trump Administrations new pubic charge rule.  New Jersey officials said the rule  “effectively imposes a means test on legal immigration”.   In a statement Murphy said “No family should ever have to choose between staying in America and having access to health care, food, and housing  Attorney General Grewal and I are committed to fighting the Trump administration’s inhumane, cruel, and un-American changes to the public charge rule”.  Attorney General Grewal said “The American Dream has always been about opportunity for all, not just the wealthy, but now our federal government is trying to keep out immigrants seeking to build a new life here, as families have done since the founding of our nation”.

The lawsuit states that the new policy is inconsistent with the Immigration and Nationality Act which allows the government to deny admission to the U.S. who is likely to become a public charge or someone primarily dependent on the government for support. The complaint says the Trump Administration’s new rule “expands the definition to deny admission to adults who make nearly any use of various government assistance programs.”

That is exactly right.  As it should be.  And President Trump is saving American tax payers $2.27 billion a year by ensuring immigrants who come to the United States are self sufficient.  It should be a basic requirement of anyone who immigrates to America that they be able to provide for themselves and any dependents that they bring with them.  While the American dream for some may be to come to America and live off our welfare system American tax payers are tired of paying for it.

And New Jersey tax payers are tired of paying for Murphy and Grewal’s political war on Washington.  Seven lawsuits against the federal government in a seven month period is frivolous.  Murphy was elected to govern the State of New Jersey and Grewal appointed as New Jersey’s top law enforcement official.  New Jersey has challenges.  We are the number one state people leave.  We’ve been rated among the worst states to do business.  Property taxes are unaffordable.   Crime is rampant.  New Jersey has a serious drug epidemic.   This only scratches the surface of the problems facing New Jersey yet our Governor and Attorney General are focused on their War on Washington rather than improving the lives of average New Jerseyans.  It is time for Murphy and Grewal to serve the citizens they swore to serve and stop wasting our tax dollars on their political war on Washington.


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