Governor Murphy appears to be looking a pat on the back for repealing legislation he signed into law.

Back in January we asked the question “Why does Governor Murphy hate the Jersey Shore?”  On the same day that Murphy signed the bill to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour his new law went into effect forcing property owners in New Jersey to charge 6.625% state sales tax and a 5% occupancy fee on short-term rentals.  After languishing on his desk Murphy finally signed a bill on Friday repealing the short-term rental tax telling News 12 New Jersey “The mom and pop who wants to rent out their place we’ve concluded they shouldn’t be burdened by this,”  The bill has been waiting for Murphy’s signature since June 27th.  If you follow the governor on social media he appears to be looking for a pat on the back for repealing legislation he signed into law and waiting 43-days after it landed on his desk


The new law will give homeowners the same exemption as owners of vacation units rented by licensed real estate brokers.

State Senator Vin Gopal told “At a time of the year when business should be booming local homeowners have been struggling to fill rental slots for summer visitors,” he said. “A bad summer at the shore could have a damaging ripple effect across our state’s entire economy.”  If it was so urgent to save what is left of the Jersey Shore tourism season why did it take Murphy 43-days to sign the bill?

In July State Senator Bob Andrzejczak told NJ 101.5 radio “Summer rentals by private owners, for this year alone, the numbers have dropped significantly.  If the goal was to collect more tax revenue, well, we’re not actually going to be collecting more because we’re going to having less people coming into our state.”  State Senator Declan O’Scanlon told at the time “Virtually everybody agrees that’s good policy.  If they believe it’s good policy, why not be willing to sign it while it’s impactful?  t’s nice to talk about the review process but in a situation like this you accelerate the review process because it’s immediately impactful.”


If those in power in state government agree that the short term rental tax was hurting tourism at the Jersey Shore why did it take Murphy 43-days to sign the bill repealing the bill?  Decreased tourism not only has an effect on those who rent property but restaurants, bars, boardwalk attractions and the like.  Why is Murphy apparently looking for a pat on the back for signing legislation repealing legislation he signed into law and waiting 43-days to do it?

This all leads back to the question Why does Governor Murphy hate the Jersey Shore?


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