Bias towards Conservatives on social media is real.

We’ve all seen the likes of Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos censored and eventually banned by social media giants.  Loomer took on the tech companies and unfortunately lost.  While we know that outspoken Conservative names are censored on social media does the average social media user think it will happen to them?  I didn’t.  Until now.

On July 19th I wrote a blog post titled “Is Coty Booker’s loyalty to the citizens he swore to represent or illegal criminal aliens?“.  I posted the blog in the various Conservative Facebook and Twitter groups where I normally share my blog posts.  The post was not especially popular – not even the most read post of the week.  I forgot about it and moved on.  That was until July 23rd when I sat down at my desk and found that I had a message from Facebook telling me that my blog post violated Facebook’s community standards on hate speech.  Facebook removed my post sharing my blog post.

Hate Speech


Hate Speech 2I failed to see where my blog post violated community standards. The closest category I can figure out is racist speech although “illegal” is not a race. My blog post was not racist.  It was calling out a United States congressman helping criminals violate federal law and hampering the ability of federal law enforcement. I wondered could the unspoken community standard I violated be that I am a Conservative?  Soon I was to get my answer.

I posted screen shots (the same screen shots above) of the message I received from Facebook on the closed Informed Conservative Facebook page (a page I created and am the sole Administrator).  Within about 15 minutes the screen shots were removed by Facebook and I received a message from Facebook saying that I had violated their community standards with my post that they claimed I violated their community standards  They removed that post as well.

Communithy StandardsAs if it wasn’t bad enough that Facebook removed my original post sharing my blog post, and my post about them claiming I had violated their community standards because they said posting about violating their community standards violated their community standards but they then removed my post letting people know that they had removed my post about them claiming I violated their community standards by letting people know they claimed I violated their community standards because…… they say it violated their community standards.  Three posts removed by Facebook – a blog post, a screen shot of their claim I violated their community standards and sharing they they deleted that post because it violated their community standards.

I believe the only thing that violates their community standards is that I am a Conservative.

This all happened less than two weeks after the Presidential Social Media Summit where President Trump’s welcomed several hundred  social media users to the White House who complained about bias towards conservatives on the various social media platforms.

Unlike Laura Loomer (who I greatly respect) I will not be taking on the tech giants.  I do not have the resources to take on these companies and without the social media platforms I do not have the ability to share my content.  I do find it incredibly concerning that even the writer of a small conservative blog will find himself censored on social media, hope that good comes out of the President’s social media summit and that the President takes action to protect the free flow of ideas and beliefs on social media.

I will not be sharing this blog post on Facebook.  I suspect they will create a new community standard to claim I have violated.

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