Is Cory Booker’s loyalty to the citizens he swore to represent or illegal criminal aliens?

Congressman and Presidential candidate Cory Booker (D-New Jersey) seems to leave very little question as to where his priorities lie.  As a voter you’d like to think that Booker’s loyalty lies with the people who elected him and he swore to represent but he seems more focused on criminal illegal aliens and allowing drug dealers to enter the United States.

Booker sponsored Bill S. 2021 which removes marijuana from the Deportable Offenses Act.  The bill removes marijuana use, possession, and distribution as grounds for inadmissibility and removal,  The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services issued a ruling in April clarifying that using marijuana or engaging in cannabis related activities makes immigrants ineligible for citizenship because it means they are not of good moral character.  “This Administration’s efforts to use marijuana possession as a tool for deportation is disgraceful and misguided”. Booker said. “This legislation will remove another one of ICE’s weapons that have been deployed to execute this Administration’s hardline immigration policy.”  The legislation would also allow anyone previously denied a visa to enter the U.S. as a result of marijuana to reapply.  Furthermore any immigrant who was deported for cannabis could be readmitted and have their visa reissued.

The implications of removing the law denying citizenship to and deporting immigrants over marijuana offenses is clear.  Additionally a sitting United States Congressman is suggesting we allow immigrants to enter the country who are in violation of federal law.  This does not only apply to marijuana users as drug dealers would fall under the new Booker rule.  Booker’s bill will make our communities less safe.

Booker sponsored Bill S. 1440 that discontinues a program that authorizes state and local law enforcement officers to investigate, apprehend and detain illegal criminal aliens in accordance with a written agreement with ICE.  Booker’s bill ensures that local law enforcement officers are banned from working with ICE to arrest criminal illegal aliens.   Booker’s bill will make our communities less safe.

Of course no one can forget Booker’s July publicity stunt when he crossed the El Paso port of entry into Juarez Mexico to escort five women who had previously been deported back across the border into the United States.  The women were subject to the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) which sends asylum seekers back to Mexico to await court hearings in the U.S.  Booker doesn’t let federal law or established procedures stand in the way of a publicity stunt!

Booker 4 Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Trisha Flanagan said “I thought when Cory Booker released his ‘immigration plan’ in which he proposes to ‘virtually eliminate immigration detention’ things couldn’t get any worse, but they did.  He had to up the ante by escorting five women who were previously sent back to Mexico by authorities in his now well-known publicity stunt.”

Booker’s social media channels have been ablaze with criticisms of ICE, instructions on how to avoid ICE and how to interact with ICE if arrested to criminal illegal aliens.  I believe that Booker’s actions constitute a United States Congressman aiding in the violation of federal law and obstruction of federal law enforcement officers performing their duty.

Booker 2

In early July Booker told CNN that giving free government healthcare to illegal immigrants is a “common sense thing.”   A CNN poll show that 59% of Americans oppose illegal immigrants receiving free health care from the government,   What do the opinions of the legal U.S. citizens who elected him mean to Booker?

If elected President Booker says he will dramatically reform the U.S. immigration system to “virtually eliminate” detention centers using the president’s executive powers.  He said the executive order would be signed on the first day of a Booker administration.  Booker says he would undo steps taken under the Trump administration including reinstating protections for Dreamers, eliminating Trump’s travel bans from several Muslim countries, stop construction of the wall at Mexican border and promote easier access for refugees and those seeking asylum.  Booker who is failing in his efforts to gain his party’s nomination to run against President Trump in 2020 appears to be trying to appeal to radical far left liberals.

Most recently Booker introduced a bill called the Combating Deceptive Immigration Enforcement Practices Act  The bill bans ICE agents from having the word “police” on their uniforms.  “These misleading interactions erode trust between local law enforcement and the communities they’re supposed to protect” Booker said.  The dictionary defines the word “police” as the “civil force of a national or local government, responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order”.  ICE agents are a part of federal law enforcement responsible for the detection of crime (criminal illegal aliens) and maintenance of public order.  This is another attempt by a United States Congressman to obstruct federal law enforcement from performing their duty.

We know that Booker is working hard for illegal criminal aliens but is he working hard for the people who elected him and he swore to represent?


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