Governor Murphy continues to use your tax dollars to fund his war on Washington.

Governor Murphy and his appointed Attorney General Grewal announced on Wednesday that New Jersey has joined New York and Connecticut in filing a federal lawsuit against the IRS over the $10,000 SALT deduction cap.  “We’re challenging that rule as unlawful, as a violation of our federal tax code, and we’re asking the federal court in New York to strike it down,” Grewal said.  When you dig into it this is just another example of Murphy using our tax resources in his war against the Trump Administration

Murphy tried gaming the system by signing a workaround bill last year allowing municipalities to create charitable funds to work around the $10,000 SALT cap.   The law let property owners receive tax credits for up to 90% of what they donated to the funds.  No municipality in New Jersey set up a fund.  In June the IRS ruled the law invalid and said that governments could only give tax credits up to 15% of charitable donations .

Edmund J. McMahon, founder of the fiscally conservative think tank the Empire Center said “As a practical matter, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut are being disingenuous. They flat-out invented this as a workaround to the SALT cap. It’s a political contrivance”.

New Jersey Republican Party Chair Doug Steinhardt said “This lawsuit is a political stunt and another waste of taxpayer money.  If we really want to lift the SALT cap, then we need to send representatives to Washington that can actually have a conversation with President Trump”.

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New Jersey has one of the highest property and income tax rates in the nation.  It is Murphy and the Democratically controlled Legislature in New Jersey who have the sole power to provide tax relief to New Jerseyans not the IRS or Trump Administration.  New Jersey needs reform in the way it spends tax dollars.  Murphy and the Legislature are not addressing the true cause of New Jersey’s tax woes.

New Jersey Republican Senate Budget Officer Steve Oroho said Murphy needs to focus on property tax relief “The lawsuit announced today does very little to address that. The better approach would be to fix the state’s underlying tax problems that make the SALT limitation an issue”

As Chairman Steinhardt said this is nothing but a political stunt by Murphy.  Murphy hopes that tax payers will believe he has their best interests at heart while not addressing the true issue.  Murphy and the legislature made no effort to lesson the burden on New Jersey tax payers in the last budget.  Murphy is again using our tax dollars in his fight against the Trump Administration (much like allocating $3 million in New Jersey tax payer funds to the legal defense of illegal immigrants facing detention or deportation).  Don’t fall for the con.

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