I support President Trump and so should you.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a recognized medical diagnosis.  I believe that Liberalism should also be recognized as a medical diagnosis.  We are in a mental health crisis in this country that escalates every time President Trump sends out a Tweet.  Most recently Liberals have convinced themselves that the President’s Tweets last Sunday are “racist”.  Of course the President named no names but four idiots stood up and assumed the Tweets were about them.

Trump Tweet 1

Trump Tweet 2

Trump Tweet 3

Anyone not suffering from the mental health disorders Trump Derangement Syndrome or Liberalism – or isn’t a member of the fake news media – clearly understood the President’s message.  If you need it explained to you then you probably fit into one of the categories above  For Trump Derangement Syndrome that lasts more than four hours immediately seek medical attention.   Anyone who stands behind these four idiots should immediately seek mental health attention.


Liberals also love to call President Trump a racist over the enforcement of federal immigration law.  Last I checked “illegal” is not a race.  For those seeking asylum in the United States there are legal procedures to do so at established border crossings.  Those legal procedures do not include sneaking over the border, overstaying a visa or refusing to leave when ordered to do so by an Immigration Judge.  Before Liberals support open borders perhaps they should take a look at how well that is working out in Europe.


After eight years of Obama in the White House we finally have a President who is working hard for the safety, security and economic prosperity of the American people.  Trump is bringing us back to the America I believe our founders envisioned.  Liberal Democrats show us each and every day that they hate America and they hate what America stands for.  I agree with President Trump.  If you hate America and what our country stands for feel free to leave – like so many of you promised to do if Trump was elected President.

I support and stand behind President Trump and so should you.  Thankfully even Liberals can’t deny that there is not a declared Democratic candidate who can beat Trump in 2020.  Those who love America can look forward to another term of President Trump continuing to make America great again.

Trump Pi

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