Failed candidate Squire found not guilty of Second Degree Aggravated Assault and Second Degree Endangerment of a Child.

Failed Camden County Freeholder and Pennsauken Township Committee candidate Vincent Squire has taken his share of criticism on this blog.  In the interest of fairness we are reporting that Squire put out a video yesterday filmed in front of the Camden County Courthouse announcing that he was found not-guilty of Second Degree Assault and Second Degree Endangerment of a Child.  The charges stemmed from an incident two years ago when Squire was arrested by the Pennsauken Police Department for striking his teenage son.

Squire admits in the video that did hit his son after is son “cussed him out and broke his TV”.  Squire claims to have been found innocent because ” corporal punishment is legal in the State of New Jersey”.  Squire claims that the charges cost him getting elected as a Camden County Freeholder last year and the endorsement of the Camden County Republican Party who disavowed him.  Squire also claims that bloggers brought “lies and confusion” to make the situation worse  This blog has documentation to back up every word we’ve ever said about Squire.

The Informed Conservative Blog congratulates Squire on being found not guilty and hope that he can reestablish a relationship with his son (who I believe is 16 or 17 years old now and lives in Philadelphia).

That does not however mean that we find Squire fit to hold office.  Squire identifies himself in the video as a candidate for Camden County Freeholder.  As we reported last week Squire did not turn in his petition on time for his name to be on the ballot and a Judge dismissed his case against the Camden County Board of Elections.  While he might intend to run a write-in campaign his name will not be on the ballot.  Even if Squire’s name was to be on the ballot our opposition to Squire as a candidate is well documented.

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