Failed candidate Vincent Squire’s lawsuit against the Camden County Board of Elections is dismissed Are we finally done with him?

This blog and failed Pennsauken Township Committee and Camden County Freeholder candidate Vincent Squire have a long history.  I’ve attempted to interview Squire for this blog several times and have fact checked many of his statements.  What have I gotten in return?  The police called multiple times, served with a fake lawsuit and frivolous criminal charges filed against me.  Thankfully the Court was able to see through the frivolous charges and the man who filed them,   We’ve written about Squire and his criminal hisotry, foreclosed home, lies and all of the rest several times before.  Now there is a new twist.

While we were on hiatus the Bob & Steve Show Blog discovered that on the day Squire was to file his nominating petition to run a an Independent 2019 Freeholder candidate with the Camden County Board of Elections he claimed he was given the wrong paperwork in March (he provided a signature acknowledging that he was being given Republican petitions).  A source close to he situation told the Bob & Steve show that Squire marched into the Camden County Board of Elections in June, on the day independent candidates are required to file, complained that he was given the wrong petitions and picked up petitions to file as an independent. Squire then went out on the day the petitions were due to be filed and gathered signatures.  He went back to the Camden County Board of Elections and according to the source “an hour after the filing deadline” attempted to file as an independent. Because he arrived after the deadline it was explained to him that he could not file.

Squire refused to take no for an answer and sued the Camden County Board of Elections.  His case was dismissed

The Informed Conservative contacted Squire for his side of the story (not expecting Squire to be forthcoming)

“On Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 3:18 PM, Mike Astringer <> wrote:

Mr. Squire,

The news is out on the dismissal of your case against the Camden County Board of Elections  In the interest of fairness and a story written from all sides I’d like to give you the chance to comment (and will quote you directly).  Is there anything you’d like to say about your case, the dismissal, your views on what you feel necessitated you filing a lawsuit or your future plans?  Regardless of our past my blog and social media posts do get a lot of hits  I am giving you the opportunity to get your side of the story out.

Feel free to call me if you’d like to discuss however I would like to have your response in writing.

Mike Astringer”

Squire did respond as always displaying his less than witty sense of humor calling me “Mr. Astringent”.

“From: Vincent Squire <>
Sent: Thursday, June 27, 2019 12:14 AM
To: Mike Astringer <>
Subject: Re: Court decision

Mr. Astringent

Thank you for reaching out to me

At the present we have a few things going on that would prohibit me from discussing. Therefore respectfully is must decline your invitation. Whoever once we have completed our course I will talk with you exclusively.

I still pray for your heath to improve, and glad that your blog audience is increasing.

My God’s grace be your

Vincent Squire”

“Mr. Astringent” doesn’t expect that Squire will talk to me exclusively as he indicates.  I’ve attempted to interview Squire several times over the years to no avail.  I had fully intended to write a fair story and give Squire an opportunity to give us his side of the story.

So what’s next in the saga of candidate Squire?  Since he has not submitted a petition and the court dismissed his case will he run as a write in candidate?  Who knows.  The last posts I see on his campaign Facebook page are from July 2nd warning pet owners about 4th of July fireworks and June 25th congratulating himself on great parenting and his daughter making the National High School Honor Society.  Are the residents of Camden County finally done having to hear from Vincent Squire?  Only Squire knows.

Squire Mouth Open

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