Murphy and Grewal are not happy that NJ Sheriffs are ignoring their sanctuary directive.

Back in November Attorney General Grewal released the 11-page Immigrant Trust Directive  Included in the new rules New Jersey law enforcement officers cannot cooperate with ICE, turn illegal immigrants over to federal law enforcement officers for deportation or ask the immigration status of any individual unless doing so is necessary to the ongoing investigation of a serious offense and relevant to the offense under investigation.  ICE is not to be provided access to state or local law enforcement resources including equipment, office space, databases or property.  It turns out that not all of New Jersey’s law enforcement leaders share Murphy and Grewal’s sanctuary dream.

Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden and Cape May County Sheriff Robert Nolan have been accused by Grewal’s office of cooperating with federal immigration officials in their effort to capture and deport illegal immigrants.  In letters addressed to both sheriffs the Attorney General’s Office says the sheriffs violated the directive Grewal issued to limit cooperation between New Jersey law enforcement and ICE.


The Governor and Attorney General seem to have taken issue with both departments having recently renewed agreements with ICE while the federal government ramps up raids of illegal immigrants.  Law enforcement leaders in New Jersey are split on the issue while the Attorney General’s office seems determined to enforce its November Directive  The AG’s office has threatened to issue another directive banning officers in the two counties from “exercising their law enforcement authority”  and working with ICE.

Anthony Gallo, a Middlesex County Sheriff candidate grilled Grewal on social media for the sternly worded letters to the two sheriffs.  In a Facebook post Gallo said Grewal should be arrested and accused him of “harboring ‘criminal’ illegal aliens”.  Gallo said he was surprised that of 21 NJ counties, 19 “have been releasing these ‘Criminals’ into our backyards with our Families.”  He called for the removal of Middlesex County Sheriff Mildred S. Scott “who listens to this Criminal Attorney General and not the people of Middlesex County.”


If you are not keeping score at home law enforcement officers in New Jersey who are performing their sworn duty by arresting illegal immigrants who are breaking the law are being threatened by the attorney general’s office which is sworn to uphold the law.  In their effort to oppose the Trump Administration at any cost and make New Jersey a sanctuary state Murphy and Grewal are actively enabling criminal activity.

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