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If you’ve been a regular follower of the Informed Conservative Blog, Podcast and social media channels you’ve probably noticed that there has been little to no activity since the beginning of May.  That is with good reason.

For several months I had not been felling well.  I felt weak and my stamina was non-extant  I ended up in the hospital and was ultimately diagnosed as being in kidney failure.  My kidneys are operating at 30% capacity and doctors expect that to continue to decline rapidly,  They’ve told me I will be on dialysis within a year.

The past few months I have found myself facing issues I never thought I’d face – my own mortality.  I’ have been  deeply depressed and unable to function at a level that I had previously performed.  At 49-years old I did not expect to be given news that my quality of life was about to dramatically change and my life expectancy was now considerably shorter than most people expect.

This morning, after much prayer and reflection I woke up with an energy and attitude I have not had in several months.  I remember hearing in a movie “It’s time to get on living or get on dying”.  I’ve decided I’m going to get on living.  My fate is in God’s hands.  I will do what the doctors tell me to do and continue to pray for God’s mercy and for him to give me additional time on this earth.

While still in its infancy this blog and podcast are important to me.  The world that I leave behind to my children is important to me.  We are in a critical time in our history as New Jerseyans and Americans and the fight needs solders.  I will continue to be one of those solders for as long a I am able.

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If you had previously been a follower of the Informed Conservative Blog I hope that you will follow again, listen to the Podcast and subscribe to the Informed Conservative social media channels.  I have renewed my commitment and mission of bringing you conservative news and information in hopes of energizing conservatives across New Jersey.  I hope that you’ll join me as we take New Jersey back and continue to make America great again.

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