Menendez and Booker are working hard for the people of New Jersey. Please note sarcasm.

Just when you may wonder “what do Menendez and Booker do for the people of New Jersey?” we’ve been given the answer.  They are waging a war against beach umbrellas.  According to this release on Menendez’s web site Menendez wrote a letter to Elliot Kay, Chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, co-signed by Booker, asking what safety standards are in place regarding beach umbrellas, problems with specific beach umbrella products, and what it is doing to ensure the public is properly educated of the risks and dangers of beach umbrellas.

The letter starts by explaining that they are writingregarding concerns about the safety of beach umbrellas.  Recently, we heard from constituents impacted by flying beach umbrellas.”   It goes on to read “As you know, beach umbrellas provide beachgoers the benefits of shade on hot and sunny days at the shore. Yet, a burst of wind can make these summer accessories harmful to those around them”.


With Governor Murphy working so hard to destroy the Jersey Shore with his short term rental tax and $15 minimum wage umbrellas on the beach seem to be the least of the problems facing our 130 miles of coastline.

The letter asks the Consumer Product Safety Commission for responses to the following questions by June 3, 2019.

  1. What if any safety standards does the CPSC have in place to adequately prevent beach umbrella-related injuries?
  2. Does CPSC believe any particular safety standard could prevent injuries?
  3. What is the CPSC doing to educate the public regarding the dangers of beach umbrellas?
  4. Has the CPSC received complaints regarding beach umbrellas?  If so, what do those reports indicate about injuries related to beach umbrellas?
  5. Is the CPSC aware of problems with specific beach umbrellas that have not been made public?
  6. Can the CPSC provide a detailed breakdown of data on umbrella injuries? Specifically, how many injuries are specifically caused by beach umbrellas?

This leaves me wondering if Menendez is still trying to divert attention from his beach adventure during the government shutdown earlier this year.


Wait!  Are those umbrellas Senator?

We in New Jersey should just be proud that Senator Menendez and Senator Booker are in DC working so hard to protect and serve the people of New Jersey.  In a state with the highest taxes, highest foreclosures and greatest number of people leaving a war on beach umbrellas is exactly what I want my elected officials focused on.  Please note sarcasm.


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