Disgraced Camden County candidate Squire is back again.

Disgraced 2018 Camden County Freeholder candidate and 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee candidate Vincent Squire seems to be back at it again in 2019 after two huge losses and without the backing of an established political party.   Does Squire think he has a chance at winning or is something else going on?  I speculate that since Squire is facing serious criminal charges he is setting himself up to claim political retaliation if convicted.

In typical bizarre Squire fashion he put out this video last week claiming that someone called the police on him while he was getting signatures on a petition to get on the ballot.

Could it be that “Cell Phone Betty” knows that Squire is a convicted felon who has been known to act irrationally and was charged with second degree felony assault for beating his son in 2017?  Could it be that “Cell Phone Betty” had good reason to be concerned?

While sitting (alone) at a recent community fundraiser Squire wore a badge identifying himself as a candidate.

Squire 4.7.19

The video and badge are enough to convince me that Squire the candidate is back.

Saying that Squire has both a checkered past and checkered present is an understatement.

Squire Prison Pic

Squire’s criminal background includes multiple convictions for Theft by Deception, Burglary, Driving without a License and driving an unregistered vehicle.  He is facing charges for Second Degree Felony Assault for beating his son (his trial was slated to begin this week but was postponed ) and charges for threatening and serving this blogger with a fake $10 million lawsuit.

Squire Mug Shot

Squire’s financial situation appears no more stable.  Squire has multiple past bankruptcy filings.  His family home in Pennsauken has been foreclosed upon and is awaiting Sheriff Sale.  Prior to the foreclosure the home owed over $1 million in fines and penalties to Pennsauken Township.  His wife filed bankruptcy in 2018 (the home was in her name).

In this video put out by Squire he lies and claims his home is not in foreclosure.

Squire and his wife filed a motion in an attempt to stop their mortgage company from selling their home at Sheriff Sale but that motion was denied by the court in May of 2018.  As best I can determine the home is now owned by the mortgage company and pending Sheriff Sale.

Squire Motion Denied

While his LinkedIn profile indicates that he is “President and CEO of Squire Holdinge” and prior “President/CEO at Squire Group” I have been unable to verify that any such companies exists.

squire-profile and  Does Camden County deserve a Freeholder with such a checkered criminal and financial history?  Don’t decide yet.  There is much more!

Anyone who drove either way on Route 130 in Pennsauken, drove near the Airport Circle in Pennsauken or other locations in South Jersey saw Squire’s billbords (some of them are still up).

Squire Billboard 1

Yet Squire refuses to disclose his campaign’s finances and how the billboards were paid for as require by law.

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (or ELEC) has deadlines for financial disclosures.

ELEC Disclosure Dates

As you’ll see when you search for Squire’s name on the ELEC web site Squire did not file his legally required financial disclosures.  According to ELEC  each reporting transaction that is not reported in the manner or not filed on the date established for reporting or filing by the Act or this chapter shall constitute an offense pursuant to e Act subject to the penalties provided in N.J.S.A. 19:44A-22.

Squire ELEC

This blogger attempted to question Squire this past weekend about why he has not filed his ELEC disclosures but Squire would not answer.

Multiple criminal convictions, bankruptcies, a family home that has been foreclosed upon, pending criminal charges and the potential of additional legal ramifications for not making his legally required financial disclosures to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.  Is the picture becoming clear that Squire is not fit to hold public office?  At this point you have to be asking yourself “what is someone who voted for Squire?”

In 2018 (after a huge loss in the 2017 Pennsauken Township Committee race) Squire and his pal Nhuan Van (who has announced he is running for Pennsauken Township Committee in 2019) formed the Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party in what appeared to be an attempt to circumvent the local Republicans to get their names on the ballot.  It was clear that local Republicans had no intention of endorsing or supporting Squire and with good reason.

Squire told very different versions of his criminal convictions and imprisonment that seemed to vary based upon his audience.   In one version Squire says his convictions were related to a business deal gone bad.  In another version Squire says his convictions were related to a personal relationship gone bad.

Squire has refused to answer questions or even discuss his professional qualifications to hold office.  As shown above in his LinkedIn profile the companies he claims to work and have worked for I cannot verify exist.  What is Squire Holdings?  Why will Squire not tell us?  Does this company exist? How does Squire expect the voters to support a candidate who will not discuss his professional qualifications?

Squire doesn’t like being asked questions about his background or experience.  He threatened me for attempting to question him.

Squire talks of his grandiose ideas in his videos.  There is just one problem.  Squire has not researched the issues and his plans are not based in reality.  Case in point.  In the following video Mr. Squire talks about moving Amazon to Petty’s Island in Pennsauken during his 2017 campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee.  Squire seems unaware that a conservation easement was granted to the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust due to a pair of bald eagles that make their home on the island.   Pennsauken Township was previously in talks with Developer Cherokee to bring a $1 billion mix-use development to the island that would have included 700 dwellings, retail, a hotel and a golf course.   In 2004 those plans were halted when the bald eagles were spotted on the island.   In 2009 the land was handed over to the New Jersey Land Trust with an easement.   Did Mr. Squire not do so much as a Google search before trying to convince voters he’d develop the island?

Late in 2017 Squire insulted women and anyone who has ever been a victim of domestic violence.  He made a comparison between voting for the incumbent Democrats and a woman staying with an abusive husband.  The blowback from these comments on social media was swift and could not be ignored – except that Mr. Squire chose to ignore them.  We saw Mr. Squire say to the women who demanded an apology “Why do you want an apology for something not directed to you?”  Later Squire attempted a Valentines Day event at a local cookie shop that he touted as his apology.  Women did not want to meet Squire at a cookie shop on Valentines Day.  They wanted a public apology on social media where the original comments were made.

In February of 2018 Squire and Nhuan Van invited local residents to come to an introduction to their Progressive Republican Party.

Invitation to Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party

I decided to attend the event and set up my camera.  I was the only one besides Squire, Van and the two police officers to responded to Squire’s call to attend.  It was at this event and before the police arrived that Squire “served” me with his fake $10 million lawsuit.

After Squire “served” me I visited the Court Clerk at the Courthouse in Camden and was informed that the docket number on Squire’s fake lawsuit belonged to a suit he had filed against complete other parties.  My name was no where on the suit.  Squire committed fraud in an attempt to silence this blog.

If Squire’s behavior wasn’t already bizarre he got kicked out of a Pennsauken School District Bond Referendum presentation at a local elementary school in February of last year.  I was not there but was told that Squire became disruptive requiring a call to the Pennsauken Police Department to remove him.

As if making a joke of domestic violence was not enough Squire went on to use suicide in a sarcastic reply to a resident questioning him stating “Thank God you’re not a suicide prevention counselor”.  I heard from several people who had lost loved ones to suicide who were outraged by Squire’s remarks.  Squire has made no attempt to apologize.

Squire Suicide 2

In March of 2018 I stopped at the Pennsauken Municipal Building and while parking spotted the car Squire had been driving in a handicapped parking space (see picture). A legal space would have cost him 10 or 15 extra feet.   Surprisingly Squire did respond when a resident questioned him about it.  I thought for a moment that his explanation would be sincere and include and apology but in typical Squire sarcastic style he had to end with a sarcastic remark “Let me also confess I left a ½ swallow of range juice in the refrigerator Forgive me”.  Squire is a candidate for public office who illegally and immorally used a handicapped parking spot that maybe have been needed by someone truly disabled.  Instead of humbling himself and apologizing he makes a sarcastic remark?

Squire Lincoln

Squire fraudulently filed a criminal complaint against an employee of Pennsauken Township.  While Squire was teasing his “Will I apologize?  Yes I’ll apologize.  Maybe I’ll apologize.” Valentines Day cookie party he was making such a mockery that people were outraged.  This township employee, at 6:30 PM (after his work day and on his private device) made a comment on social media trying to bring some levity to the situation and calm people down.  Squire lied claiming that this employee threatened to run anyone who attended any of Squire’s events over with his car.  It is clear to anyone who read the social media post this is not what was said or intended.  Squire appears to use the legal system to try to intimidate his detractors by filing frivolous and fraudulent actions (more on that later).  Thankfully a Judge dropped the charges.

For a short time Squire had the endorsement and support of the Camden County Republican Committee and in 2018 moved from his second campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee to running for Camden County Freeholder.  It did not take long for the Camden County Republicans to learn the truth about Squire and disavow him.  They also suspected that he had taken at least one cash donation without reporting it.  Unfortunately he refused to resign from the race so the Camden County Republicans could replace him with a viable candidate.

CCGOP Press Release

CCGOP Press Release Page 2

Is the picture becoming clear?  Is Squire the right candidate to serve the people of Camden County?

Now on his own without the backing of any established political party Squire continued his campaign for Camden County Freeholder while his behavior continued to become more bizarre.  It seemed the pressure was getting to him.

Camden County Needs Squire

He bragged about being out on the campaign trail with candidates for elected office but did not even know their names.

Bob Huge

He also made strange social media post such as calling Sicklerville “Sucklerville” in this post.

Squire mother in law

Squire turned a food drive for the South Jersey Foodbank into a thinly veiled political stunt by attaching his campaign posters to food collection bins.  Does the man have no shame?

Donation container

Squire then continued his misuse of police and court resources in his attempt to silence his detractors.  If it wasn’t bad enough that he had filed frivolous criminal charge against a Pennsauken Township employee to silence him and committed fraud by “serving” me with a fake $10 million lawsuit to silence me he took it a step further and lied in a statement of probable cause before the Pennsauken Municipal Court in an attempt to file criminal charges against me.  Squire claims that I superimposed his picture on a warrant for a man wanted for murder.  This is completely untrue.  I have hired an Attorney and am vigorously defending myself against this false accusation.  He originally filed three charges of which the Judge dismissed two and let the third move forward.  Despite being given months to provide discovery Squire has been unable to produce the warrant he claims I altered.

What Squire did provide was his motivation for lying to the court and filing these false charges.  In this video Squire falsely claims that I had been found guilty of two charges.  He goes on to say that he’s filing a cease and deist again “your rag, I mean your blog” and continues “we’re shutting you down”.  The release of this video could not have made Squire’s motivation for filing false charges more clear.

Squire apparently has a problem with anyone digging into his criminal record, qualifications (or lack thereof), pending criminal charges, lies and inaccurate positions on the very issues he has run on.  I believe he’s a narcissist who cannot accept that people do not support his candidacy for public office.  Shortly after the 2018 election I began getting private messages from people on social media who had challenged Squire or gotten into arguments with him on the Internet and he accused them of being me.  These people did not even know me but were being accused of being me under fake social media profiles.  In two years of bizarre Squire behavior this may have been the most bizarre.

The Squire lies continued.  In late November of 2018 Squire began to advertise a “Spirit of Giving” event to be held at the Cherry Hill Mall.  Squire promoted “featured charitable organizations include Camden County Rescue MissionBurlington Coat FactorySouth Jersey Food Bank“.

Squire Season of Giving

When I read Squire’s announcement I immediately became concerned.  Did these organizations know they are partnering with a man with multiple theft by deception convictions, a burglary conviction and demonstrated financial irresponsibility for a charity event?  Worse yet would children be in attendance in this event?  I fear for parents unknowingly bringing their children to an event sponsored by a man who is facing Second Degree Felony Assault charges for beating his own child and threatened this blogger on video.  I felt for the good of the community and the organizations involved I needed to make them aware of the man they had partnered with.  I contacted representatives of the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (owner of Cherry Hill Mall), the Camden Rescue Mission, the Food Bank of South Jersey and Burlington Coat Factory.  The results were as I expected.  Was this another Squire scam?

A Burlington Coat Factory representative contacted me by email stating “Burlington is not a sponsor of this event, nor do we have a partnership with Vincent.  We are holding our annual coat drive in our store and Vincent said he would have our flyers on hand to let consumers know to come in to Burlington to donate a coat”.  I received an email from an executive at the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (owner of Cherry Hill Mall) stating “The event you’re referring to is not occurring. We don’t wish to comment any further.”  A representative of South Jersey Food Bank told me that Squire was not collecting donations with their permission or authorization to use their name.

In March of 2018 the New Jersey Republican Party held their statewide leadership summit in Atlantic City.  Shortly after Squire posted this picture on social media.

Squire AC

I was shocked at the thought of the NJ GOP having Squire as a speaker – especially after the Camden County GOP disavowed him in 2018.  It turned out to be another Squire deception.  In March I was contacted by a representative of the NJ GOP regarding my blog and podcast.  I asked this person if Squire was a speaker at the Summit.  He said Squire was not.  I referenced the picture.  After some research the person called me back and told me that apparently Squire had someone take his picture at an empty podium and confirmed Squire was not a speaker at the event.

So the man who in my opinion has demonstrated himself to be a conman is back and running for office in Camden County once again.  Should you encounter Squire on the campaign trail I hope that you will remember the information documented by this blog.  Squire is not fit to hold public office.

Squire photo mouth open

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