Informed Conservative week in review 2/25/19 through 3/3/19.

Last week on the Informed Conservative Blog we discussed a Monmouth University poll showing New Jerseyans rate their quality of life in the state at an all time low, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats putting their opposition to President Trump before the American people again, racial bias in teacher hiring in New Jersey and New Jersey tax revenues being lower than expected.  On the Informed Conservative Podcast our guest was RJ Bermudez talking about the March 26, 2019 March on Trenton to protest Governor Murphy and his destructive agenda.

Monday 2/25/19.  New Jerseyans don’t need a Monmouth University poll to know their quality of life is at a record low.

On Monday Monmouth University released a poll that shows residents rate their quality of life in New Jersey at a record low.  “This is a downward trend that should be very troubling to the folks in Trenton” according to Monmouth University Polling Director Patrick Murray.  “The fact that this number just goes down year after year after year to a 40-year low really tells you something” Murray said.

The poll finds the biggest drop in the index is in Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties.  Not surprising since Governor Murphy doesn’t seem to know that South Jersey exists.  A significant drop was also recorded in the state’s urban core of Essex and Hudson Counties.

Monmouth’s New Jersey Quality of Life Index score now stands at a record low of +13 which is down from +18 in April 2018 and +25 in July 2017.  “Just 50 percent give (New Jersey) a positive rating. The 50 percent is a record low in polls going back to 1980,” said Murray.  He said back in the 1980s, “84 percent of New Jerseyans thought it was a good place to live”  saying “If New Jerseyans aren’t confident that the situation will turn around, they will start voting with their feet”.

Murray said it constitutes a warning for the Governor and lawmakers tasked with tackling the large thorny issues facing New Jersey.

With so many businesses, jobs and residents leaving the state and so many more who plan to New Jersey Democrats don’t seem to realize they can’t continue to raise taxes on those who remain to make up for the shortfall.  New Jersey is quickly approaching the same budget crisis New York finds itself in and Democrats in New Jersey are as oblivious as Democrats in New York were.Murphy Hands


Wednesday 2/27/19.  Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats put their opposition to our President before the safety and security of Americans again.

On Tuesday House Democrats passed legislation to block President Trump’s national emergency declaration to divert funds to build the wall at our southern border.  The House vote marks the first time the House or Senate has tried to terminate a Presidential declaration of  national emergency using the National Emergencies Act of 1976.  The vote was 245 to 182 with all Democrats voting to support the resolution and 13 Republicans joining them.   The measure should reach the Senate for a vote by mid-March.  The President has promised a veto. 

A two-thirds majority in the House and Senate is require to override the President’s promised veto.  It is unlikely that there would be enough support to overturn a veto.  Trump has said he’d go around Congress to get the wall built.

Democrats in Washington have been putting their opposition to Trump before the safety and security of the American people since the President announced he was running.  In 2009 Chuck Schuymer spoke about illegal immigration and a barrier on our southern border.  He apparently agreed with President Trump until partisan politics came before the American people.  Many on the radical left who we hear speak today voted for the 2006 Secure Fence Act and it’s 2007 amendment.   Suddenly when then Presidential candidate Trump made border security a campaign issue these same Democrats became opposed to a barrier at our southern border and began to welcome illegal immigrants with open arms.

The Democrats are proposing no viable solutions.  Pelosi did propose electronic dogs at border crossings.  That should solve our border crisis Madam Speaker.  Excellent work.   Our Senators from New Jersey Cory Booker and Robert Menendez have yet to propose a single solution.  If the Democrats had a solution there would be a point of negotiation but they do not.  The President has been willing to compromise but the Democrats have presented no proposals.  In January when Trump addressed the nation to present his plan for border security Nancy Pelosi mistakenly sent out a scheduled Tweet calling the President’s plan a “non-starter” before his address even began.  Do you notice the words that Democrats  are not using? Words like “Compromise” or “Negotiate”.  Just their continued opposition of the President at the cost of the American people.

When are the American people going to get mad?  When are uninformed Liberals going to stop falling for the propaganda the Democratic party is feeding them?  This is not about border security, immigration or anything other than the radical left opposing President Trump and denying him a win on a key issue from his campaign.  The Democrats want to win at all costs.  They are using the American people as pawns with no regard for the impact they are having on the very people they were elected to represent.  t’s enough.  The President has offered a fair solution and made concessions.  Congressional Democrats will not even consider the President’s proposals.  How much more do Liberals in this country need to see before they realize that Congressional Democrats don’t care about any of us?

Congressional Democrats need to stop pandering to the far left wing of the Democratic party, stop manipulating their base, put the safety and security of the American people first and work with President Trump on a solution that will secure our borders.trump speech


Thursday 2/28/19.  Racial Judgement the Future of New Jersey Teacher Hiring. Guest blog by a New Jersey Teacher.

New Jersey State Education Commissioner, Mr. Lamont Repollet stated that, “Teacher diversity matters, a diverse workforce is a strong workforce.”  Simply put, no, Mr. Repollet, a strong workforce is the workforce that hires based on experience, merit, and who is best for the job.  Simply hiring someone based on their skin color to boost numbers will assuredly lower an already suffering New Jersey and American educational system.

New Jersey announced in January that they will be devoting $750,000 to recruit people of color to teach. It takes a special individual to be a teacher, especially in the present environment.  Many say that teachers are born, not made.  They have a great passion for it.  They yearn to educate youth and guide them down their future path.  They don’t do it for the money.  As a teacher myself, I can say that no truer words are spoken.  I have been a teacher for almost a decade, and the standards that need to be met to even graduate with a teaching degree have become vastly more difficult.  Future teachers now need to do two semesters of student teaching instead of one.  Future teachers now need to video record lessons and send it to the state for evaluation.  These are all new standards put forth at the university and state level.  Teachers must do all of this, on top of their course work as well as studying for and passing the praxis exam.  Now, with all these strict standards, adding racial diversity to the hiring process in an already saturated job market may drive qualified potential teachers to search out a new career path.

Quickly, our liberal leaning state runs to the strategy of identity politics, saying that research shows if students of color have a teacher of color then they are less likely to drop out of school and more likely to attend college.  Of course, conveniently, those research numbers were never disclosed, however, research from Inside Higher Ed, shows that young adults who live in single parent households complete 1.32 fewer years of schooling.  Also, Inside Higher Ed shows that college completion is 24% lower for individuals who lived in a single parent household.  Lastly, according to CNN, which is undoubtedly a liberal leaning network, African Americans have a 67% chance of being raised in a single parent household and Hispanics have a 42% chance of being raised by a single parent.  So, what is the real problem?  Teacher diversity or a lack of parental guidance and strong paternal figures?

The teacher application process is now almost completely online through a recruiting system called Applitrack.  While filling out resume information, job qualifications, references, and everything that goes along with applying for a job, the last section always reads like this, “We are an equal opportunity employer.  We do not discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, martial status, disability, sexual orientation, age or any other status protected by applicable law.”  With this new initiative to force teacher diversification, one must wonder if that statement will be truthful in the very near future.



Friday 3/1/19. As we predicted just a few weeks ago New Jersey’s tax revenues are predicted to be lower than expected.

In a blog post a few weeks ago we said if you want to see the future of New Jersey take a look at New York not realizing that reality would come so quickly.  New York Governor Cuomo acknowledged that raising taxes was not the answer to his state’s budget shortfall saying “tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. The rich leave and now what do you do?”  Will Governor Murphy acknowledge that he cannot continue to raise taxes in the state that is already among the highest taxed in the nation and the #1 state that people leave?

The Murphy Administration announced on Monday that tax collections are lower than expected as the state approaches the halfway mark of the fiscal year.  Tax revenues for the fiscal year were expected to grow 7.5 percent over last year but slowed to 2.1 percent through December attributed to a slowdown in income tax collections.  Income tax collections were budgeted to increase 5.4 percent compared to last year. They have fallen 6.5 percent below last year’s collections.  Last year New Jersey collected $15.2 billion in income taxes.  This year it is projected that the state will bring in $16 billion but the increase is largely attributed to the new mega-millionaires tax on income over $5 million and the one-time tax amnesty program.  The income tax is New Jersey’s largest source of tax revenue.

Murphy also under-projected two other significant areas of the state’s revenue – the sales tax and the corporate business tax.

The Governor is expected to deliver his budget address on Tuesday and has said that more tax increases are still “on the table”.  Last year the state’s budget included roughly $1.5 billion in new taxes.  Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin have both said that will not be repeated this year.

With so many businesses, jobs and residents leaving the state Murphy unlike Cuomo  seems not to realize that he cannot simply continue to raise taxes on the New Jerseyans who remain to make up the shortfall.  New Jersey has now approached he same crisis that New York finds itself in and Murphy appears as oblivious as Cuomo was.  We will all be looking forward to Tuesday to hear the Governor’s solution.  Somehow I feel like our wallets are about to take another hit.

Are you mad yet New Jersey?



Saturday 3/2/19.  The Informed Conservative Podcast.

On this week’s Informed Conservative Podcast our guest was RJ Bermudez.  RJ is the organizer of the March 26, 2019 March on Trenton to protest Governor Murphy and his destructive agenda.


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