New Jerseyans don’t need a Monmouth University poll to know their quality of life is at a record low.

New Jersey residents views of the quality of life in the state have tumbled to an all-time low.  On Monday Monmouth University released a poll that shows residents rate their quality of life in New Jersey at a record low.  “This is a downward trend that should be very troubling to the folks in Trenton” according to Monmouth University Polling Director Patrick Murray.  “The fact that this number just goes down year after year after year to a 40-year low really tells you something” Murray said.

The poll finds the biggest drop in the index is in Camden, Burlington and Gloucester Counties.  Not surprising since Governor Murphy doesn’t seem to know that South Jersey exists.  A significant drop was also recorded in the state’s urban core of Essex and Hudson Counties.

Monmouth’s New Jersey Quality of Life Index score now stands at a record low of +13 which is down from +18 in April 2018 and +25 in July 2017.  “Just 50 percent give (New Jersey) a positive rating. The 50 percent is a record low in polls going back to 1980,” said Murray.  He said back in the 1980s, “84 percent of New Jerseyans thought it was a good place to live”  saying “If New Jerseyans aren’t confident that the situation will turn around, they will start voting with their feet”.

Murray said it constitutes a warning for the Governor and lawmakers tasked with tackling the large thorny issues facing New Jersey.

In contrast to their view on the state two-in-three New Jerseyans rate their own town or city as an excellent or good place to live.  The current 67% positive rating for local communities is down from 71% last year and is at the lower end of the range for this question since 2000.

“New Jerseyans seem to separate their views of the state as a whole from how they feel about their own neighborhoods. The question is how much longer this can go on before statewide problems override the benefits of living in their local community,” said Murray.


The results of Monmouth University’s poll should be warning to Governor Murphy and New Jersey’s Democratic Legislature.  It’s yet to be seen how they will react.  Will New Jersey Democrats take the poll results as a sign that they need to turn their focus to the hard working law abiding citizens of the state and work to relieve their pain?  It’s doubtful.

New Jersey is the #1 state people leave and #1 in foreclosures.  In just 13 months since Murphy took office Democrats have focused on making New Jersey a sanctuary state, allotting $2 million to the legal defense of illegal immigrants facing deportation or detention, college tuition for illegal immigrants, driver licenses for illegal immigrants (some RealID compliant allowing the recipient to board an airplane), “legalized” recreational marijuana, a health insurance mandate, a $15 minimum wage (which combined with Murphy’s short term rental tax is sure to kill tourism at the Jersey Shore), ineffective gun control measures that make New Jerseyans less safe and efforts to keep the incumbent President off the ballot and give Cory Booker a clear path to the White House. Meanwhile New Jerseyans pay the highest taxes in the nation.

With so many businesses, jobs and residents leaving the state and so many more who plan to New Jersey Democrats don’t seem to realize they can’t continue to raise taxes on those who remain to make up for the shortfall.  New Jersey is quickly approaching the same budget crisis New York finds itself in and Democrats in New Jersey are as oblivious as Democrats in New York were.

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