The con by failed candidate Vincent Squire continues.

The con by failed Camden County Freeholder and Pennsauken Township Committee candidate Vincent Squire continues.  Anyone who has read this blog for a long period of times knows that Squire filed frivolous criminal charges against this blogger.  While those charges make their way through the court system Squire appears to be trying to position himself as a victim.  After a hearing in Municipal Court on Tuesday Squire had a Pennsauken Township Police Officer escort him from the building.  He later claimed on social media that he has a full time body guard and GPS tracking with cameras.

Squire blog post

While Squire is acting as if he’s afraid of me he posts gym pictures of himself on social media.

Squire Gym

This all started in 2017 when Squire ran for Pennsauken Township Committee.  I found out truths about Squire that I assume he did not want to become public including his family home being in foreclosure, the same home owing over $1 million in fines and penalties and his criminal convictions including multiple counts of Theft by Deception.  In the Summer of 2017 he was charged with Second Degree Felony Assault for hitting his teenage son.    He threatened this blogger for attempting to interview him.  He refused to answer any questions about his background or qualifications to sit on Pennsauken’s Township Committee.  Fact checking Squire could have been a full time job as he was wrong on almost all of the issues he based his campaign on.  Case in point.  In the following video Squire talks about moving Amazon’s HQ2 to Petty’s Island.  Squire seems unaware that a conservation easement was granted to the New Jersey Natural Lands Trust due to a pair of bald eagles that make their home on the island.   Did Mr. Squire not do so much as a Google search before trying to convince voters he’d develop the island?

Squire also insulted every woman in Pennsauken and anyone who has ever been a victim of domestic violence.  He made a comparison between voting for the incumbent Democrats and a woman staying with an abusive husband.  The blow back from this comments on social media was swift and could not be ignored – except that Squire chose to ignore it.  We saw Squire say to the women who demanded an apology “Why do you want an apology for something not directed to you?”.  The insensitivity from a candidate for political office and a man who presents himself as a Pastor and man of God was staggering.

In an apparent attempt to divert attention from his insensitive and inappropriate comment Squire filed frivolous criminal charges against a Pennsauken resident who was also bringing truths against Squire to light.  Those charges were eventually dismissed.

As if making a joke of domestic violence was not enough Squire then went on to use suicide in a sarcastic reply to a Pennsauken resident questioning him on social media stating “Thank God you’re not a suicide prevention counselor”.  I heard from several people who had lost loved ones to suicide who were outraged by Squire’s remarks. Squire made no attempt to apologize.

Squire Suicide 2

Thankfully Squire lost the election and went away quietly.  Or did he?

In 2018 Squire again announced he was running for Pennsauken Township Committee.  He and a former Pennsauken School Board candidate formed their own political party, the “TIPPR” party.  They invited the public to an event to learn about their party.  This blogger decided to attend the meeting.  That’s when Squire “served” me with a fake $10 million lawsuit apparently to intimidate me and shut down this blog.  He then called police and had me removed from the event.  The next day I visited the Superior Court in Camden and learned that the docket number on Squire’s lawsuit belonged to a suit he filed against other parties.  My name was not attached to the lawsuit.  Squire had committed fraud in an attempt to shut down this blog.

Invitation to Pennsauken Progressive Republican Party

Squire handled his 2018 campaign for Pennsauken Township Committee much the way he had his 2017 campaign.

Squire was removed from a bond referendum presentation by the Pennsauken Police Department on February 19, 2018 for causing a disturbance.  My understanding is that Squire made a disturbance outside before the presentation even began causing school district officials to call for police assistance.  At the next Township Committee meeting Squire complained to the Mayor and Township Committee about being removed from the referendum presentation.  Mayor Killion responded “were you removed from township property?  No?  Then take it up with the school board.”

On March 12, 2018 I spotted the car Squire had been driving in a handicapped parking space at the Pennsauken Municipal building.

Squire Lincoln

I shared the picture on social media and many expressed outrage that Squire who walked all over Pennsauken campaigning and is clearly able-bodied would use a handicapped parking spot that someone else may have needed (I parked in a legal space behind Squire.  Him using a legal space would have cost him 10 or 15 extra feet).   Surprisingly Squire did respond when a resident questioned him about it.  I thought for a moment that his explanation would be sincere and include and apology but in typical Squire style he ended with a sarcastic remark “Let me also confess I left a ½ swallow of orange juice in the refrigerator.  Forgive me”.  Squire was a candidate for public office who illegally and immorally used a handicapped parking spot that may have been needed by someone truly disabled.  Instead of humbling himself and apologizing he makes a sarcastic remark?

Squire Parking Explination

Shortly thereafter it was learned that the Camden County GOP had put Squire on the ticket to run for Camden County Freeholder.  I went on a letter writing campaign writing to the NJ GOP, Camden County GOP, Bob Hugin’s campaign and others.  I provided all of the information I had learned about Squire.  My letters were ignored.  Eventually the NJ GOP began to have their own issues with Squire and disavowed him.  They claimed to not know everything about Squire’s “checkered past”, pending Second Degree Felony Assault charges (for striking his son) and that he had taken at least one cash contribution he had not reported to ELEC.  They had asked him to resign and he refused so they disavowed him..

Squire, apparently too proud or too stupid to realize his race for Camden County Freeholder was over posted this campaign poster on social media AFTER the CCGOP’s announcement they had dumped him.

Camden County Needs Squire

Many people could not believe Squire intended to continue his run for Camden County Freeholder without the backing of the Camden County GOP.  Everyone except Squire knew he didn’t have a chance.

Most people were confident that Squire does not possess the maturity or temperament to hold public office.  As he continued his campaign for Camden County Freeholder his behavior became more bizarre.  This blog continued to report on his antics.  I began to receive messages from people who had questioned Squire on social media and he accused them of being me.  Squire went on to promote a food drive which was nothing but a thinly veiled campaign stunt.

Squire Hunger 2

Anyone who opposed Squire was either a racist or a minion for the Democrats (I am clearly neither).  He said on video  “people who oppose you can’t beat you so they cheat you” and that “people do this so they can “take away the person who wants to do what’s fundamentally right so they can continue doing what’s fundamentally wrong”.  People again began to question Squire’s mental stability.  Squire also apparently made it his mission to shut down anyone who disagreed with him, dug into his criminal record, qualifications (or lack thereof), pending criminal charges, lies and inaccurate positions on the very issues he has run on.

It was learned after the election that Squire continued to ignore the law and failed to file required financial disclosures to the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.  Squire had multiple billboards around South Jersey but refused to report to ELEC.

Thankfully Squire lost the election in 2018 also.  He blames me and my reporting rather than being a flawed candidate for his multiple losses.

In October less than a month before the election Squire threatened to file criminal charges against me unless I removed every blog post, social media post or image I had posted about him and wrote a 500-word apology.  I refused to do so and Squire filed 3 criminal charges giving false testimony in a probable cause hearing.  Squire claimed that I had superimposed his picture onto an active warrant for another Vincent Squire wanted for murder in Virginia.    Squire then posted a video on social media saying you like posting my old mug shot.  The judge found you guilty and probable cause on two of the charges and we’re filing an appeal on the third one.  And we’re filing a cease and desist order on your rag, I mean your blog.  So we’re shutting you down.  Clearly Squire, who wanted to serve the people of Camden County, does not know the difference between probable cause for charges to move forward and guilt.  He also made his motivation clear when he said “we’re shutting you down”.

We filed counter charges against Squire for the fraud he committed when he served me with his fake $10-million lawsuit and the threats he made on video.

That brings us to this week.  My Attorney and I have been waiting since October for Squire to submit his “evidence”.  We’ve been in court 3-times.  Squire told the Judge that we are attempting to delay proceedings until after he is “convicted in Superior Court” (I assume for Second Degree Felony Assault for hitting his son).  Our discovery was submitted on time.

To the best of my knowledge Squire doesn’t work, the foreclosure of his family home is completed and the bank now owns the home.  Perhaps Squire’s focus should be on his family and finding a place for them to live.  Speculation is that Squire intends to run for office again in 2019 (if he’s not convicted of Second Degree Felony Assault and incarcerated).  Instead of being focused on his family he is focused on shutting down this blog and the person he blames for his prior losses with his frivolous charges.

Every time we are in court Squire takes a selfie of himself and posts on social media.  This time not only did he double-down on his false claim but had a Pennsauken Township Police Officer escort him from the building and later claimed on social media that he has a full time body guard and GPS tracking with cameras.  What is the con now?

Squire Post for Blog

Squire runs as a Republican but based upon what I’ve seen from him I do not believe that Squire beliefs match a conservative ideology.  I believe that he runs as a Republican because the Pennsauken and Camden County Democrats will not have him.  Unfortunately the Republican party in Camden County is the weaker party and Squire is taking advantage of that.  Squire is a convicted criminal and in my opinion a conman.

Sauire Shoulder 2

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