Illegal Immigrants and Public Schools. Guest blog by a New Jersey Teacher.

The following is a guest blog by a Teacher in a New Jersey school district.  We are keeping the writer’s identity confidential.

In 1982, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a decision for Plyler v. Department of Education.  The Justices voted in a 5-4 decision that states cannot constitutionally deny undocumented individuals a free public education.  Thus, ensuring that illegal aliens would be able to be educated in American public schools on the American tax payers’ dime.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, New Jersey tax payers pay $1.6 billion annually for illegals to be educated. Based on estimates of the illegal immigrant population in New Jersey and documented costs of K-12 schooling, citizens of New Jersey spend more than $1.85 billion annually on education for illegal immigrants. This estimate does not include programs for limited English students, remedial educational programs or breakfast and lunch programs available to students from low income families. An estimated 11.7 percent of the K-12 public school are illegal.

As a current public school teacher who has spent almost a decade teaching in an urban town in Northern New Jersey, I have seen the disastrous impact illegal immigration has on our public school system.  I teach in a school of 600 students.  Of those 600 students, 250 are here illegally.  I have been told by my administration that I am not allowed to fail the students who are here illegally.  The main reason I have been given for this is that the illegal population does not understand English, and that I cannot fail someone who doesn’t understand what I am saying.

Urban areas, like the area I teach in, are impacted by illegal immigration more than suburban areas.  Urban areas are generally less costly to live in, so illegals flock to these cities.  Urban schools also have less funding than suburban schools, less materials, and less supplies.  This issue hurts our American born students because the over population of illegal alien students means a lack of supplies for the entire student body.  Take the illegal alien population out of the school, and the American born students would have more supplies, more one on one time with teachers, and a better all-around education.  In my personal experience, I have a hard time reaching my American born students, because I must focus so much time on the illegal students because they do not understand what I am saying.

In the course of my time teaching, I often overhear illegal students who have learned the language, speak poorly about the country that has given them every opportunity in the world.  A free education, free breakfast and lunch programs, and housing.  They talk about how they can’t wait to go back to their home country, how racist America is, how much they hate President Trump.  As a conservative patriot, this is heartbreaking and infuriating.

The United States Census Bureau states that it costs $12,028 to educate a single student, they estimate roughly 3.7 million illegal students, the cost comes out to be $44.5 billion dollars for the American tax payer.  Remember that figure when a leftist liberal tells you that a few billion dollars is too much money for a wall.

The topic of illegal immigration and how it impacts our public schools is something that is never spoken about.  The Supreme Court has made the topic a moot point for the most part.  My goal is to enlighten the masses about what is going on in our schools.  We are sending our children into a corrupt public school system that caters to illegals before our native born children.  What’s worse is Governor Murphy is now offering free community college to illegal aliens.  Allowing illegals to get a free associates degree while the student loans add up for our children.  When will New Jersey put Americans first?  Stay informed New Jersey.

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