Informed Conservative week in review 1/28/19 through 2/3/19.

This week the Informed Conservative discussed employment numbers in the U.S. remaining strong despite the government shutdown, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf pushing a $15 minimum wage in his state, we launched our first podcast and discussed Democrats in New Jersey giving Cory “Spartacus” Booker’s Presidential campaign an advantage.

Wednesday 1/30/19.  Despite the government shutdown hiring in the U.S. remained strong.

Despite the government shutdown private sector employment increased by 213,000 jobs from December to January according to the January ADP National Employment Report.  Wall Street economists had forecast an increase of 174,000.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 both reacted positively to the news.  The Dow rose 1.77% while the S&P rose 1.56%.

The job market weathered the government shutdown well. Despite the severe disruptions, businesses continued to add aggressively to their payrolls” said Mark Zandi, Chief Economist at Moody’s Analytics which produces the report in collaboration with ADP. “As long as businesses hire strongly the economic expansion will continue on”.

“The labor market has continued its pattern of strong growth with little sign of a slowdown in sight” said Ahu Yildirmaz, Vice President and co-head of the ADP Research Institute.  “We saw significant growth in nearly all industries, with manufacturing adding the most jobs in more than four years.  Midsized businesses continue to lead job creation, however the share of jobs was spread a bit more evenly across all company sizes this month”.

President Trump has created more than 5 million jobs in his first two years in office.   This is the first time since November of 1969 that initial unemployment claims have fallen below 200,000.  The unemployment rate is 3.9%.  It has only been below 4% 5 times since 1970.  African-American unemployment was at 5.9 percent in May the lowest ever recorded. Women’s unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in 65 years.  In 2018 284,000 manufacturing jobs (jobs that Obama said weren’t coming back) were created.  This represents the most new manufacturing jobs in any single year in more than 10 years.  Currently job openings outnumber the unemployed for the first time on record. Additionally workers have seen the largest year over year wage growth in almost 10 years.

Due to President Trump’s strong economic strategies the U.S. has moved up six spots to #12 in the Heritage Foundation’s 2019 Index of Economic Freedom.

Obama said “2% GDP growth is the new normal for the U.S. economy” while presiding over an average 1.65% GDP growth.  President Trump has averaged twice Obama’s GDP growth including over 4% growth in the 2nd quarter of 2018.

adp report


Thursday 1/31/19Not to be outdone by Murphy Pennsylvania Governor Wolf wants to ruin businesses in his state.

Does anyone know the Vegas odds on which Democratic Governor will bankrupt the most businesses in their state?  New Jersey Governor Murphy, New York Governor Cuomo and Pennsylvania Governor Wolf seem to be competing to see how many jobs they can chase from their state. 

On Wednesday, Governor Tom Wolf proposed raising Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $15 per hour.  It’s the 5th time in 5-years that Wolf has urged lawmakers to raise the minimum wage.  Wolf signed legislation in June raising the minimum wage for state employees and contractors.

The Republican controlled legislature has (rightfully) opposed similar proposals saying a dramatically increased minimum wage could force small businesses to close.  Business advocacy groups in Pennsylvania such as the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry and the National Federation of Independent Business agree.  Business groups warn that employers, particularly small businesses, will be forced to lay off workers, raise prices, cut back hours or trim benefits to stay afloat. Higher wages also could cut into a business owner’s ability to invest in capital or an expansion.  It’s no surprise that raising the minimum wage has support from labor unions in Pennsylvania.

Interestingly Wolf called the increased minimum wage a “jobs bill” at a Harrisburg press conference on Wednesday.  I’ll assume he misread the teleprompter and meant to say “Job killing bill”.  As Wolf spoke he was surrounded by Democratic lawmakers.  No Republicans attended his press briefing.  Since Republicans control the legislature in Pennsylvania that may be a sign that Republicans intend to protect Pennsylvania’s economy and again oppose Wolf’s plan for dramatically increasing the minimum wage.

In a prior blog post we talked about the negative impact on a dramatically increased minimum wage.  Economists have found that businesses pass the costs of a dramatically increased minimum-wage to their customers by raising prices.  Consumers, not business owners bear the burden.  This means that the poor (who an increased minimum wage is supposed to help) spend more on goods produced by minimum wage workers.  Consequently minimum wages raise prices on the poor.  It’s also been found that in states that have dramatically increased the minimum wage that some employers have not been able to afford the increased wage costs and have cut payrolls, put off new hiring, reduced hours or let workers go.  A 2013 study by Boston College economists showed that increasing the minimum wage leads to reduced employment which leads to an increase in thefts, drug sales and violent crime. Their results indicate that crime will increase as the minimum wage increases.

I don’t understand why Democratic politicians do not realize that talent drives wages.  Skilled workers are always in demand (even in a down economy) and command their worth.  Dramatically increasing the minimum wage is a form of welfare subsidized and forced upon employers.  Why are we rewarding people for not taking the initiative to better their education and skills.

Rather than put the burden of a dramatically increased minimum wage on employers and consumers why are Democrats not focused on job skills training?  Let’s help those who want and need to earn higher wages make themselves more valuable to employers.  Let’s put the responsibility of earning a higher wage on the employee by increasing their skills and value to employers not on businesses and consumers by increasing  costs.  Let’s not make minimum wage jobs career opportunities but part of a path.  Let’s set a better example and show the youth that minimum wage jobs are not career choices but simply a step.

These elected officials need to put in the work to come up with a better plan.  Let’s put the burden of increasing skills and value in the job market on employees not employers.  Let’s make our region a magnet for industry by increasing the skilled labor pool and making compensation market driven as it should be.



Saturday 2/2/19Episode 1 of the Informed Conservative Podcast.

On Saturday we brought you Episode 1 of the Informed Conservative Podcast.  We talked about why I started the blog and podcast, the petition to recall Governor Murphy, the March 26th march on Trenton and we heard from Carl Chapman who lost his son to a drunk driver in the United States illegally on this thoughts on border security.

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Saturday 2/2/19New Jersey Democrats want to give Cory Booker’s Presidential campaign an advantage.

Governor Murphy and Democrats in the New Jersey Legislature are working hard to ensure that Cory Booker is our next President no matter if we want him or not.  Who needs elections in what has become Soviet Jersey?

Back in November Governor Murphy signed legislation dubbed “Cory’s Law” allowing Cory “Spartacus” Booker to run for President and reelection to his Senate seat simultaneously.  NJ A4674 (18R) sponsored by State Senate President Steve Sweeney states “This bill clarifies that a person may seek the offices of Member of the United States House of Representatives or United States Senator and President or Vice President simultaneously”.  Republican state Chairman Doug Steinhardt called Democrats hypocritical for passing the law since some Democrats including State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg introduced legislation in 2015 that would have forced then Governor Chris Christie to resign if he ran for President.  Now that Spartacus has decided to run for President Democrats, as they often do, have changed their collective minds.

So now it’s time for New Jersey Democrats to ensure that Spartacus wins the state.  A bill currently before the New Jersey Legislature “Requires candidates for President and Vice-President of United States to disclose federal income tax returns to appear on ballot” and “prohibits Electoral College electors from voting for candidates who fail to file income tax returns”.  The bill is clearly an attempt to keep President Trump off the ballot in New Jersey.  Governor Christie vetoed a similar bill in 2017 saying the legislation was unconstitutional and that the bill’s supporters were Trump critics who are desperate.  Since New Jersey now has a both a Democratic Governor and a Democratically controlled Legislature chances are good that the bill will pass.

Who needs elections in New Jersey?  The Democrats in Trenton know what’s best for us.  Please note sarcasm.

Why aren’t more people paying attention to what’s going on in this state?  Why are Conservatives in New Jersey not speaking out.  Why are we letting Murphy and the Democrat controlled Legislature get away with doing their best to ensure Booker or whichever Democrat wins the nomination runs unopposed New Jersey?  Why aren’t more New Jerseyans mad as hell?

Is this legal?  Based on the research I’ve done the answer is maybe.  The only challenges to state’s rights to restrict qualified political candidates for federal office has been at the Congressional level.

Given there is a Conservative majority on the Supreme Court today which has the potential to increase with rumors about Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s health the best case scenario is this bill makes it before the Court prior to the 2020 election.

I have been saying that Conservatives in New Jersey need to unite and energize.  We must elected strong Republicans in New Jersey.  Murphy must be voted out of office and the Democratic legislature must be stopped.    Our futures, the futures of our children and the future of our state depends on it.  There is no doubt that virtually one party rule is not working for the people of New Jersey.



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