If there is anyone who still believes that Nancy Pelosi acts in the best interest of Americans I can’t help you.

I’ve suggested several times that Nancy Pelosi may be suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (which Psychology Today speculates may be a legitimate mental condition).  I now believe that Pelosi is suffering from something much more serious and dangerous to the American people.  It is time that Nancy Pelosi be expelled from the House of Representatives.  Unfortunately that effort would have to come from the House Ethics Committee.  Given that Democrats have a House majority it is not likely to happen.

Today President Trump sent a letter to House Speaker Pelosi accepting her invitation to deliver his State of the Union Address from the floor of the House of Representatives.  Pelosi had invited the President to do so on January 3, 2019.

trump letter

Pelosi quickly responded saying that the House will not consider a resolution authorizing the President’s address in the House chamber.

pelosi letter to trump

President Trump responded telling reporters “I’m not surprised. It’s really a shame what’s happening with the Democrats. They’ve become radicalized”.

Many have asked if Pelosi has the power to stop the President from giving his address.  The House and the Senate need to vote on resolutions inviting President Trump to give his address.  Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker has the power to ensure such a resolution is not passed by the House.

As a Patriot who supports my President and loves my country I want to hear the President’s address.  I found myself angry after seeing Pelosi’s Tweet and responded.

Trump Tweet.JPG

President Trump is absolutely right.  The Democrats and especially Nancy Pelosi have become radicalized.  Many of these are the same Democrats who agreed with the crisis at our southern border, the President’s course of action and voted for the 2006 Secure Fence Act and it’s 2007 amendment.   Suddenly when then Presidential Candidate Trump made border security a campaign issue these same Democrats became opposed to a barrier at our southern border and began to welcome illegal immigrants with open arms.

Is today’s move by Pelosi payback because President Trump denied her use of a government aircraft to take 5 legislators and 86 family members and staff to visit Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan?

no plane

I have found it interesting that the media has not spent much time reporting on Pelosi leaving the country (with 90 of her colleagues and family members at the tax payer’s expense) while the government shutdown continues and 800,000 government employees are not getting paid.  Shouldn’t Pelosi have been in Washington negotiating with President Trump to reopen the government?

As far as I could find a House Speaker denying the President use of the House Chamber to deliver his State of the Union Address is unprecedented and there is no good reason for Pelosi to do so other than spite.  Both Homeland Security and the Secret Service have assured the President that security for the event will not be an issue.  Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said both agencies are “fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union”.

So what’s the problem?  Could it be that Pelosi, who seems to have the most responsibility for the ongoing government shutdown at this point, does not want the American people to hear the truth?

Unfortunately for the 800,000 government workers not receiving a paycheck and the thousands more who depend on the government for assistance Pelosi and Democratic Congressional leadership continue to use the American people as pawns in their partisan political game.  There is no reason for the government shutdown to continue other than a win for the President would hurt Pelosi and other prominent Democrats with the radical left.

Saturday afternoon President Trump addressed the nation sharing his plan for border security and ending the government shutdown.  The President presented a plan that was developed in cooperation with experts and included compromises.  Much of what the President proposed has been agreed upon by Democrats in the past.  I said Saturday that if Nancy Pelosi does not take the President’s proposal seriously and give it due consideration – even if that means negotiating parts of the President’s plan – it should become glaringly obvious to the American people that the Democrats only priority is opposing the President and denying him a win on a key campaign issue.  In fact that’s exactly what happened.  The President pushed his address an hour and Pelosi’s Tweet calling Trump’s proposal a “non-starter” went out before Trump began his address!

Pelosi has proven time and time again this is not about a government shutdown, border security, immigration or anything other than the radical left opposing President Trump and denying him a win on a key campaign issue.  The Democrats want to win at all costs.  They are using the American people as pawns with no regard for the impact they are having on the American people.

The Democrats are proposing no viable solutions.  Pelosi did propose electronic dogs at border crossings.  That should solve our border crisis Madam Speaker.  Excellent work.   Our Senators from New Jersey Cory Booker and Robert Menendez keep screaming about “Trump’s Shutdown” but I’ve yet to see either of them propose a single solution.

I see more Americans every day come to realize that this shutdown is the fault of Democratic congressional leadership and more importantly realize they are being played as pawns in Pelosi’s chess game against the President.  Today’s grandstanding was no different.  Pelosi has been in Congress since 1987.  Let’s hope there are enough Californians with their eyes wide open that this is her last term in the House of Representative.

pelosi pic

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